Kingzone DragonX vs Invictus Gaming | Game 1 Finals LCK vs LPL LoL Rift Rivals 2019 | KZ vs IG

Kingzone DragonX vs Invictus Gaming | Game 1 Finals LCK vs LPL LoL Rift Rivals 2019 | KZ vs IG

the Super Bowl it's not quite sona tom levels of passivity but the Karthus yes you can skirmish with it but if it's not on your terms you're going to that death chamber even more than you would like this is what I'm concerned about with King zones draft there's not a lot of skirmish in fact there is almost no skirmish on the side of there and you look towards kamil to be the one who starts these fights but if it doesn't happen Invictus gaming especially on the top plane to v2 is just going to dominate so I'm a big fan of Invictus gaming early portions of the game if it goes too long as ears waveclear is what's gonna be backing them up coz is gonna have one side of the map to play on it seemed that evel's 2019 [Applause] all right here we are fanciful I think managed to get their calls out it's all a little bit confusing here is the we look around it's about 95 percent full yeah it's really full you may have been watching the opening ceremonies still a lot of people filtering through and now you can barely see any empty seats and I'm very excited to see how this is going to go as we move forward anything interesting with the the rooms gentlemen first sighting I'm seeing rookie going electrocute obviously are very freed up there was a lot of people talking about this matchup may on did very well in the reverse matchup against FBX on the first day electrocutes about keeping your health bar higher with burst rates they've already got a lane top lane that slams 1v1 Renekton over camille early trades very very dominant so they're trying to have control over topside and if you're winning health trades in mid and you have a counter pick in top house cough is gonna be farming it's a question that's gonna evolve we're gonna have to watch to see if cuz can either shadow or go for a crazy sort of Karthus play don't we see from time to time oh speaking of these Karthus play no deep wards have actually spotted him out just yet which is great news for the Karthus player on top side of the map though it is going to be mirrored starts here on ning side with read into the crog's try and get that our level 3 as quickly as possible on both sides of the jungle yeah great defensive ward specific key from rascal just in case a truck strives for anything special it's the cheese gank off top lane and get the shy rolling I want to see what ends up happening topside and the aatrox can fully commit so he goes and get the vertical jungling across and I want to hear your thoughts on this rats but I look at the kings of dropping varieties pretty simple right some very strong lanes electric you to try to reinforce what can be a scaling lane for the porky you're right and then I look at I do see pretty straightforward how they want to play the bridging is clear for King's Own you understand what them winning looks like but the path to get there I feel like it's a lot of asterisks there's things that could happen that would put them into a case say the mid game with a kamil somehow getting an item lead on a Renekton and then seeding with ezio tahm kench Corky's super safe I get that but I'm with you in the getting there requires some of those natural bridges and wheat always talk about set a comp to go some early to mid to late Lee feels like King zone what a blow shut those bridges wanna come up with some creative plays because if it just goes as it is on paper it's the sort of draft where the bad safe Wow lost a drop you could actually point to this one and said I can kind of see what you say yeah especially if this early game goes poorly for Rosco because I think that as soon as the Renekton gets ahead in this lane I mean what a what are the LC what is King zones way of getting back in to the game if top lane is just completely destroyed funny enough it's not gonna be something that people are happy to hear but farming up three items if you look at the range advantage just outright from cuz Nathan death as the game goes longer and they have Titans underneath them if they can just save off the pressure then I love what King zone has to offer later on and I think this also a window earlier than people might expect around say 10 11 minutes where if Karthus just farms and we never say his name you always look at the numbers like wow that's a lot of creeps you can powerbomb and get six quickly and then it's too soon he'll take unsealed spell upon any champion and support they have for people with teleport and a Karthus with all there's a real chance you see something you pack up you teleport and you make a big play however if I G get going early then those TPS are reactive and those plays aren't possible and that's the thing with King zone these teleports just to be able to defend from dives to stop Ning's early pressure that's what it's all about they want to be able to stop the early pressure have longer lanes so they can get there and if I we clap our hands literally everyone except bow line as long as the jungles around can pack up and be somewhere and that means that less you're gonna have to be ready potentially some real interesting trade so re popper I am on my toes don't you worry about that one the shy charging up this rage here top side of the map you can see Rosco's actually having a pretty good time of it but I have a feeling that this is the shy just charging up his batteries take a look at the wave here it's actually yeah sure going for the shy but the shiz gonna be able to hold the wave there is no vision that's there defensively it expired so rascal is in a pretty precarious position with a trots nearby and there's a lot of gameplay happening in the moment that we had on screen but it doesn't look like the right ones camille taking a free trade it's because what usually in pro games when you see a group top minion wave means someone's coming to die that's the thing that's happening there and if Camille is doing that tanking free damage from a Renekton – I said holy crap the diplom must be here otherwise why is he taking that trade it's one of theirs next level next level things I realize also in bronze it's a very different yeah that's a little bit of a changeup because bad hop health now is he's being hoovering up the jungle actually ahead by quite a few camps here I think to the tune of almost three as a neon is taking a lot of damage here in this lane you mentioned the electrocute and see it they're just going off rookie able to get these short trades and really put the hurt on to this Corki and this is the story for Invictus gaming when you have rookie jack you love the shy all as your laners you just have of course the draft helps but just passive leads within the lane and rookie when he's able to have these matchups like this yeah and then could just walk right by because he has confidence that named rookie will get this ladder to cross watch out Ning and you're in dive range yeah this is a real problem Ning is in the area but not actually looking for any times just yet now misses a cannon cram it is all over right now he's just trying to hold it strong remember Karthus getting three level six before action happens is big how far is he from six hard to know single more trades happen man's trying to hold the line he wants to stay in lane till eight minutes but expect Ning to make a visit three eight minutes by the way eight minutes that package spawn timing yeah decent stunning from Rosco level five for the shy level six there for Roskill already but this Mountain Drake is actually gigantic for IG both denying it from King zone and picking it up themselves yeah this is an element of the game that not often discussed but the RNG factor if they can get this dragon if it's it turns to another internal or a mountain dragon then certainly speeds up the game it is the worst case scenario for King zone and honestly IG have it dropped where they rotate winning as you're winning we're noses that you're expecting them to pick up early objectives you have to kind of pick your battles cuz gonna use this time to get some morning but like you say that was actually close for comfort yeah went to 79 health if that tongue lash was on point from Tuson that would have been a free Mountain Drake thanks for the leash IG not to be the case though and IG lock it down as they should have it gotta be more disciplined about those moments I've been um my dating like career seeing a Morgana pool steel dragon just the most ridiculous in a gleaming quill steel baron said yeah and I've said I G lose just the most random teams in the LPM but what the reason why bring now is actually to put in the jab but when they do meet these teams the lck teams in particular isn't it interesting how they slide into what ends up being the lowest quote the lower kills and a slower style games just fine that was our surprise of worlds last year's IG was the last team you expected to be able to hang on say against kt rolster in a five-game series but they were so good i'd just say alright cool your jets choose your moments and that's why I G on the world champ that's what makes them so fascinating to watch because I mean the whole happy game name during MSI regular season to your point as well they play to their opponents until it's time to just go for it until it's playoff time and they send something like paste some blood in the water boss being you're tasting blood jackie love got very upset to that trueshot barrage that just trashed forgiving bowel and wings up towards the top side level six available for imran rule under this TARDIS rookie is roaming up as well cuz in a great position right now as Roskill will break the chains and gets himself out no first bloodless rookie it's gonna find him from – outside of vision balloon all right thank you vision does he's gonna look at this pod and he'll be tilted immediately after this game good news you might not have to play again today let's hook some dope yo man definitely heard cuz up at the but wait here a recall timing seems to be working out on this one TP back in they're gonna get some turret plates looks like int that stepped away there and kings ohm get to turret plates a nice little bit of o2 just the wound crowds going wild too early and the thing is really scary right now is the depth is moving towards that toward a power spike that we talked about on the Ezreal and he's probably the most aggressive Ezreal that we have in the CK when he gets to those two items we talked about basically teddy and deft when it comes to Ezreal but Teddy plays a little bit slower actually when it comes to the mid-game death kills people that's what he does and that I think will work very well here against IG that want to play a little bit more slowly especially from that bottom side he is one of those legendary Ezreal players so I remember when I did my first right event well it's 2016 we had bang prey and death at the event they were kind of the gods of Ezreal in kind of history and like Danny joins that name and things like that as well death is you know 2012-2013 debutant who's first ad carry was the Ezreal he identify that his most favorite gem play the champion in his career it's the older players who started with Ashe and you kind of see the different tendencies right if it's deft error you're all abouts dodging those skill shots if it's prey era you're all about hitting those ashes and it's all about archery exactly it for me as the game goes on you get your items a lot of back comes down to still expression what's more impressive and what gets your you know skill out there then the Corki the Ezreal and of course the Camille is well alongside King's Own and what is it about Ezra against his core items early especially with the turret plates in the CLEP demands he so using that to their advantage sending this as your Tom mid lane early when they break the turret or not there's no ten-minute rift herald rotation in this one teepees on cooldown from the bot laners I was a bit sad you know that Kings own after getting Terra plating by side Foley shot then they didn't rotate up top lane not only because rascal was having a small difficult time up in that matchup a true shell parasha lot of damage on the belly can actually get the first bloody those the question flash under the Tarte knee will be okay Jeff tries to find the cure does get it but not enough damage right now the requiem bowel and goes into the stopwatch not going to be taken down now but a broken clock is bad news for bottom lane 58 seconds past the point in which it was available if it happened a minute earlier maybe you would have been able to get that kill Rosco's being so smart this game checking penning understanding that he's going to be there but it may not be enough as he's now looking for his way out hextech ultimatums trying dog's back nope Chuck's not out but best blood all too easy over to the shy finally it seems like Invictus gaming getting it rolling early in this game spitting the map there were the two teams but it seemed like Rosco got the bad news too late no stopwatch no flash he should have disengaged from the turret earlier but the moment he saw the aatrox he felt curtail and try to find safety and turret not against Renekton LPL teams know all about that yeah it's a little bit of a worry there as well because the hook shot timing I thought was really weird out from this this famille okay Edward yeah that's a lot of tar plates and because looking for the wall gank on mostly the meaningful actually cuz was stopping him just from being reverse dived I think in that case so it's a safety cuz overall they keep the turret up but that's the most you can say from that TP and the shy has a TP advantage now that he could weave and also a bf sword and another longsword under there as well he's got a lot of damage potential up against just the phage it's the hard dunking build right it's the TFT nightmare spear shogen gonna be the early I to pick up here from the decide to try to dump Camille harder in Lane well you can see tower plates are actually pretty even top versus bottom five still standing on the top side for the shy but down to just one bottom side of the map is still we've got a minute and a half until those plates fall down perfect timing jack allah finally being able to get his base off as his teleport comes back online so he can TP back and protect or just go for a fly away teleport coming in here ultimate after the flash jackie love makes his way in his twosome will be the sacrificial catfish wanting to go for a potential phat flash but not going to get there so east is gonna fall we called out the TP advantage there so the reason why this is a super smart move is an IG went over to the rift head you saw a king zone ping on it they assume the rift held has being done no they packed up and went straight into an aggressive thought side gang never see players at this nails k but a vision fake meant that tahm Kench walked up more confidently and that's why they prophet with another kill and more immediate gold for IG and also this just benefits the composition of IG so much right slowly and steadily gaining advantages around this map and it's in the neutrals as well trueshot barrage will do some damage but IG straight-up don't care about this because they've not now got a monopoly on the Drake's and they're moving towards that late-game teamfight that they just confident in anyway it's just great to be able to see that you know IG still burying their fangs on this one being able to five moments where I thought they were gonna play defensively to bang that bot side turn look for the plague great teleport plank board to be able to make it happen let's take a look at this though you have to shy holding on to the Dominus you can see procs the conquer and rascal wants nothing to do with it yes taken grasp the undying that's more of a safety rune not a battle rune here from the Camille we'll have a lot of scaling options as we move like if you put pit them against each other sex items each you're probably feeling good about the Camille but are we gonna get to that point is the question that we have for Kings oh well let's look at one thing the gold here is very honest despite the fat the elfia have got the two kills King's Own are gonna feel get two items and try to make something happen there and they are almost even in gold which is a good sign because the LPL have made some really nice moves on the early game and now i guess we do get to put depth into the mid lane you do set up that Barry saved Ezreal tahm Kench unless to city's going to facecheck here all the damage coming through package to limit from now on we're going for right now as neat as to umbral – to get over that wall that's a great knock up – denies the ultimate flies in from the car there's lots of damage one for one is the kill score so Bob at need once that reset the flash one no enough depth with so much damage but Jackie look he's gonna draw that blood downing goes into the world end and will survive cause wishing he still had the Requiem multiple battles happening at the same time but for me it was the one be one where Jackie love was them able to bail Nang hoon and flash at the exact same time as the ultimate from Corki came out and that outplay was possible he's gonna go down to death row to sink goes into his stopwatch the shy underneath the double kill double kill for the LPL Slayer and they needed to come back like that and make a big play Jackie loved looking for the kill here won't receive it we're gonna have to have an extended two-pronged replay as the LPL almost got everything done at 100 but this is the star we wanted gentlemen let's check out that team by once again so we talked about how King zone has certain timings they could try to subvert and get in there and use that Requiem to play another kill you're happy those so deep here and damages drop from the first q and Rosco yes gets the trade kill but it's the support to make this happen what's Jackie love on the top side gets the out play on a yawn while rookie was initially chunked out of the fight most people meant for me along with that was this the kill being able to be picked up and allowing the reset / of course the eight trucks took fully commit to the fight rookie dives in cats tahm Kench for the stasis initially and dives to the depth on the back end those gods of Ezreal they seem to hit all those mystic shots at you and I fail gets the kill on to the Renekton here's the kick on in the middle they're also one of our LPL veterans here in the lck as deft vs Jackie love is exactly the key matchup that we Illustrated earlier and it's feeling pretty good Jackie loves three Oh def 2:01 it's still 1300 gold because of turret plates and cleped immense yeah well see where the depth is gonna be able to hold on to that lead at least as far as that passive gold is concerned bowel and trying to get some vision around this areas rift Herald is still alive for another two and a half minutes yeah pivoting for it no one wants to start it that honestly there's a so much power amongst both teams they were trying for IQ was Planck pressing vision for it but Nathan had his package to be able to go for that fight whoa I just want to alert you guys towards the items as there's a pretty cool book that cousins just picked up from the library and I just don't know whether there's enough pages in it to make it worth it right now now I don't know if everyone remembers this but they used to actually write the history of the books in the book before we had computers right okay so we're jotting it this is one that cuz has taken out early many times he loves to rush bad guys which seems super risky on a champion that has a passive around dying but it's a cosplay style that we kind of shake our heads at either fondly or questioningly depending on how he's going yeah I think it's fitting you know for the lck much like the history of books and how many times he's going to be dying he's gonna just be ripping out page remember this they're on if there aren't even any pages in there right now is Megan rookie get tagged teleport coming in Kings learn they want this team fine it is gonna be Shelley falling down but can Kings own actually find any fights that they want nay on I don't think he has the package right now as wallet pain doesn't get any work done on Burrell – and shifting sands get poisoning and rookie out of that pit Kingson could have actually just been spending their times doing this they had a wave up mid lane now IG has a chance to able defend ice ball from a pain though yeah well things actually looking for the wobbly death Jeff that's what happens if you hit all of your skill shots this is rude accessable damage guys's Rossville now looking for a potential flank this tower will be falling down Requiem comes in severely buzz but the shine has been activated Dion able to get himself back there as cos grabs himself the next kill King xored ruthless on the riff today no comment Oh Mirage okay hopefully it's up together man no comment on Ming's death but it was pretty flashy but what did you take away their guys to point the R as brought up in champ select the range advantages on the side of Kings are Ning just took way more ranged free damage from a thousand units than you've ever expected and died and that's why things fell into place otherwise this torrent dies too risky consider yourself from things perspective obviously you want to try to stone people away from killing the turret he Q's in once music class and is dead yeah well look at cuz he actually just backs away tanks at are shot he walks behind a wall and he will just be able to press this button and right now you can see him just jotting down notes in his notebook as this comes down from the sky and as soon as he has to be on point you don't have a towering ultimate stay alive is kamil but IG with the use of the Everest defied were able to fight that nice focus from specifically the shy being able to Double Down and what the isère soldier we're starting Auto Attack and one thing that I need to be able to see or just kind of recognizes that the wall of pain is doing a lot of work for the poke damage that they have here just allowing them to get the free damage across battle and took a lot of damage then same here now tip that was Bob please he's just looking for mine that's actually funny to kill enhances – he missed one yeah he missed one guys don't worry he's a human and I gotta say when it comes to these legends and remember in Korea we've had s Katie and Katie down at bottom during the regular season any player who hasn't domestic reputation but then ups their level of play internationally you write songs about deaths one of those players as rookies gonna slide in but isn't it amazing how when depth goes international he's even better than he is domestically yeah it's absolutely terrifying his rookie taking a lot of damage depth is here but it's a good knockout from Ming and fennel chains do register but rookies should be falling in love daughter from now on they juggle the turret aggro nicely and now depth one versus three I think he bit off more than he can chew that time Daniel oh that's getting a little bit overexcited a shabby low get slowed down with the damage and Ross will be even able to escape Ning now with 400 health has to get the hell out of there and despite picking up depth Kings are still looking good it looks so much range damage and keep going that mobility of the Ezreal wasn't able to be on display there but nice sounding see you later buddy I have a feeling witness waiting pretty rockin with us there we aatrox and now normal bowel and the shy falls down as well the crowd is erupting as Kings earn ten kills to seven kings ona relentless is so aggressively playing efficient then trying to turn it into a 22-minute baron this is bold rookies TP is up just Apple ace off that entire fight you even thought tahm Kench trying to channel his ultimate thinking that they can go further but had to play it slow and clear them out well this baron is getting melted caused of so much damage sixteen backs on the dead sighs boy tika finds nothing and let's have a look at this replay death definitely plays a little bit overly excited but this is the King's Own that we will call the best team in Korea at the start of summer the thing that separates them from other teams is their level of aggression but general spots are on map oh yes def goes super deep but you think all right it's all over here but they've got the micro mechanics Roscoe one of the young guns coming back and making smart moves but remember what the resting state the map is is King zone controlled with all their forward vision and these picks and the eventual baron are possible because of both their ruthless aggression and the vision they had already laid there and these fights are just happening being forced because of rascal rascal this game has been a god yep it's just ridiculous we got a needlessly large rod picked up because he's got so much AP 16 stats on the book good news I caught a name of this book it says art of war on the Frog and she should be reading it's a page-turner at times oh he's learning a lot where Tate is that out is that not in your library right you can get that one here don't worry it's absolutely fine Trinity boss is now completed for oskol looks like he's are going to be putting himself together some defensive items after this titanic hydra could be the option is name is spotted in a turret is destroyed we're raising bottom side as well as now Roskill is feeling himself here in this 1v1 matchup against the SH I feel like the scaling has started so much earlier than it should have this can the Baron buff minions means that even renekton's ability to dunk 1v1 is no way that's the boy the chimney force autos are nice and big the shy is kind of caught in no man's land what do you want to do wouldn't have killed but right now Renekton tot dominate and what does Renekton do when the lane it's no longer his friend yes I think it's really scary man I'm just focusing on the sea right now he's going to tre forward but he needs to be of doing more I'm talking about the isère ASEC the ultimate to be able to start the fight they need that sweep if they want to get the engage on their terms and what does rookie do he wins teamfights by himself this definitely is not OPA as you can see the damage dealt is all about rookie on IG side but deafness done yep Evan you can add a lot of people on IG she'll break on will be already down to half health voice seek adults find the target but not the target the Jacky love walks look at these help buses so low one more Auto Attack from temp should be out of doing that in pro and there's the Requiem whoo look at the damage he's just harvesting IG right now and he's just showing them off tire brush Wow the shine that was about exactly how far he needed to move to avoid death at this point they don't have to kill anybody they do enough damage just through hope and the Karthus ultimate alone forcing them to back the base and it's reaping the rewards it might even be an infernal Drake as well as Kings are now having opportunity to even things up that's Gordon rolling mine was this earlier why was his Kings own loss and that's the thing I want people to take away is yes the main blade of King's Own is familiar but that's the team that famously couldn't make it to Worlds and stacked roster myun curse rascal two sub players went to watch on alongside peanut and Cod last year have really developed this year after a couple of hiccups recently and they on the player who was famous only for his losing streak the longest losing streak of any player in history has come along he's done very decently against rookie what hasn't looked like a chump next to one of the best matters of all time and this roster is looking so strong together and they're one of those big hopes from Korea well cuz now looking for level 16 he once that requiem button to be as buffed up as possible a 50 damage nerve is feeling like not an this game as we saw that last Requiem was just tearing IG APOD trueshot barrage also a bit of a problem here as bowel and doesn't get the unbreakable and Kings I still have so much pressure despite barrel rind off and up again in another two minutes is def heal up one kill wait for dad attempt he's only moving forward the rest of King zone are just cleaning things up that crowd here is losing their my depth has no domestic MVPs he hasn't won a single won this tournament this year and now he's coming in dominating he's doing just ridiculous things to our world champions coming from 2018 remember guys this is not an IG that you can mess with comfortably they took down SKT in pretty considerable fashion in the group stage this was considered the best team from the LPL and Kings aren't making them look silly honestly throughout the mid game and now moving into Lane is nothing else you could say they not only took down fbx on day one the undefeated team in the LPL but they're taking down the damn world champions in such quick bastions and IC have to fully engage they can't get poked out like they have been and that is their issue right now ever since the Baron all that structures are exploding Canon I G find a miracle engaged to try to punish KC and the reality here is just based off the Pope and the confidence of death alone you don't even need these neutral objective screw the dragon I guess the Baron is nice but you can just literally walk up and start poking these guys down yeah I just want to talk about what the wild-card factor is and depth has it right this game especially he has turned expectations of team compositions completely on their head by making sure that whenever any teamfight happens there are at least two people on below half health right and it does just completely change how you have to look at a composition and in the word you're reaching for its class depth is one of the greatest ad carry's of all time he will have that however his career plays out from today but the bigger surprise Atlas is the topside have been able to swell what was so much pressure from picking man then death it's just doing way more damage than you could ever calculate so it helps when the rest of the team is toeing the line but death to just walk up and half help people with a single cue oh I know that you know a zero-turn has its eyes and as you know the Azrael run can understand why it's brookie getting taken down way too long that law order he's broken it survived in 20 as his stopwatch I believe that's his on news now and sponsors bomb doing some work in goes Ross go into the back line the difference divide is good cause managers to pick up that kill on the back line and now King's Own dragonettes march forward comes down to 300 the shine eviscerated the boy that can happen and now the ultimate from Rossville days from Kings earn and that will be game number one LT game move up to one and are I let me find that book put it on the baby Pizitz 25 stacks full jump to Marina lose their mind as the world champions go down unbelievable

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  • Can't wait to see a bo5 between these two teams at worlds. IG is slowly getting back to form and Korea is showing life again

  • 5:05 Raz is an idiot. He says TheShy can hold the wave. THE WAVE IS LITERALLY CRASHING.

    Any random silver top laner could make a better call.

  • casters assuming from the very beginning that IG was going to smash KZ, and that KZ need to farm and scale and then after the 22 minute baron, "deft is one of the greatest adcs ever in the history of the game."

    man it's like these guys forgot that LCK dominated the game for years and had one off year in 2018. and the main reason why LPL is so strong is because they started hiring korean coaches and players.

    except for papasmithy i guess, he sees every week how strong LCK is.

  • I'm not going to put to much stock into this Rift Rivals because first of all LCK are playing two patches ahead of Lpl, and it's clearly the LCK teams knew all the in and out of the patch and what worked. That's clearly an advantage. Plus its one match games, not allowing the opposite team to make an adjustment. Example: If you watched all of IG games, most of them they lose the 1st game then come with a better understanding of how to play and dominate. Just about 90% of their matches they lose the 1st game. Look at the stat and then get back to me. I'm speaking of` real outcomes. I'm going to hold all my opinion on who is best for after Worlds. In worlds we would have more matches against the same team allowing teams to make adjustments to the style of play, then perform. But I leave ya with this: (It's clearly noticeable that these LCK teams took the break to study IG, cause they have made some adjustments). They looking good in this patch.

  • Gotta love my boiz in KZ, especially in top-jg-mid. Came out of nowhere and are standing up and killing the world champions.

  • This LPL/LCK RR is so much better than the LEC/LCS RR in terms of pride, focus and seriousness of each matches. Unlike the LEC/LCS one, they just wasted a lot of money and resources just to play not seriously.

  • If Worlds was right now it'd be open for everyone. No clear favorites are seen. It's just the beginning though… Can't wait for it 😀

  • Jus curious where is EDG and RNG, are they not good enuff to join RR? And IG can't fight all the lck in the rr final lol based on rules. The new lpl team get rekt so hard lol.

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