[Kevin Park] 케빈만의 새 코스튬 & 가라테 도복 만들기 [한/EN/日]

[Kevin Park] 케빈만의 새 코스튬 & 가라테 도복 만들기  [한/EN/日]

I really thought you are in your early twenties oh I thought you are high school student That’s too.. Today Finally I am heading to the artist manager’s office in Mulle They have some crazy helmets to greet me The green tea color covers the place The scent is good Hi this place is like an anime [what ? Looks like just normal tailor shop..] The scent is good Am I weird? This is scary [scary mannequin] I am scared of this There are some Jiu-Jitsu gi there When your injury will be cured He will have a spar with me, um maybe There is also Dragon Ball here It looks similar with the one I have home DId you buy it? I have this too This is the Crystal I saw it in the video Beautiful I watched the process of making video We are finally meeting We spoke more than an hour on the phone Almost 2 hours We don’t even speak with our lovers on phone that long Please introduce yourself For those who don’t know you I ran a small atelier in Yeondeungpo My job now I am making different props and costumes for dramas and movies this is the production place His girlfriend is here too Should I also call you manager? Yes sure I remember your index finger with the ring It’s the hand which came out in the video Yes I’ve prepared a lot Thank you(?) WHat’s your name Real name? I am 31 in Korean age Really? You have a baby face I thought you are in early twenties I thought you are in high school That’s kind of.. So first The first think we were talking about it’s the jacket You prefer a special design which you cannot see often in Korea Because you are wearing it We are making unexisted things as this is our profession I got interested and I though it will be fun My job is to create I have to create a lot and try new stuff In our job There are a lot of positive parts Even in the skill part What is the main trunk(Shorts)? There is also trunk or coat An item you can wear it during competition A necessary outfit when fighting yes, battle clothes What is good to discuss first? The trunk or the jacket? necklace? I think the outfit should be made first We will work first at the costume After About the neck accessories We will measure the size So we are ready to start I already prepared some data If we have the sizes We can finish with the necklace Regarding the outfit Kevin You body shape is like a reversed triangle Your waist is thin Full inverted triangle (lips) The motif I was talking first time Cyberpunk 2077 The sense of the design Your artistic and artistry sense is amazing I think we will have a really pretty outfit I am looking forward for it Me too I am going to have a jacket like this red silver blood mechanic [in short: brush] We are checking where is the waist position Move like this Yes it’s fine that’s waist Please look in front It’s getting bigger That’s a sword behind? It’s a real sword? Which one? There It’s fake you can treat me wildly your hands are really cold Yeah I have Cold Hands/Feet Syndrome I checked the size Already? While I am waiting for the Karate Gi I found a lightsaber I learned Suddenly I got surprised Suddenly X2 Suddenly X3 (lol) No. 5 written in Chinese character MUSA It’s old brand I am 160 It’s really long [you should wear it like this] A warrior one more person can fit in this pants It’s kind of big It’s really big The charmender looks good [Spirit symbol of warrior] I think like this would be good The belt on the Gi [white belt] It’s cool, isn’t it? As I expected I spent a really nice time It’s not just me, am I? [maybe?] It was good It was meaningful and fun(capitalism Thumbs) Please do like me [Capitalism reaction]

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