Juventus vs SPAL 2-0 2018 – Match Preview ( with English Commentary ) 24/11/2018 HD 720p

Juventus vs SPAL 2-0 2018 - Match Preview ( with English Commentary ) 24/11/2018 HD 720p

Tuscany a land of natural beauty history wine and football managers now 4 out of 20 coaches in Syria hail from this region Massimiliano Allegri Luciano Spalletti vultureman sorry Leonardo simply Chi devayne today my ideal would be to become a mix between Allegri and Saturdays I think that if I could lend the quality of play of the latter and the mental strength of the former's teams then the result would be wonderful da capo sabudana vada so when simply Chi spell take on Allegra's Juventus in cheering on Saturday expect the Tuscan schools tactics to show all effect ingredients we are never sated we are always hungry for more even when we win we study the match to see where we can improve where we can do something differently the hunger term prove is one of our key traits and it is a key trait in this job encephalo nada initially when I started to coach a team in the lower leagues my dream was to make it to the fourth tier now I've made it to the top do you say me out it has been a long learning journey for me I have won every league up to say yeah I think that experience is my biggest strategy bother me I'd the most awful in five seasons its power simply chi has demonstrated remarkable versatility he'll change strategy formation even his personal beliefs [Applause] my team needs to be constantly evolving constantly adapting to what we're working on in training the team must never settle for what we've got because that is the moment everyone else overtakes you we need to be ambitious and aim to improve every day I hope this is just a starting point for us not the arrival a native of Florence simply she coached Fiorentina Primavera between 2011 and 2014 helping a kid from Carrara to emerge as a future star of Italian football when Federico Bernard s key faces volunteer in last season a sublime strike showed he was living up to his mentor's expectations oh geez yeah oh no the majority I believe he is one of the best players they need to get the moment he is extremely skilled as great mental strength as well he's always shown great ambition and desire to constantly improve and he's turned that desire into reality in the history Shendu bana cristiano ronaldo is the epitome of that desire to improve yet challenging the portuguese and challenging the seven-time Italian champions generates not fear but excitement or ladee whoa are Calibra now those arrival at Juventus has brought a lot of attention to vote the team and Italian football he is clearly a boon for our league however we know what our goal is our objective is to avoid relegation and we want to make life as hard as possible for all our opponents we know were up against a really strong team led by a coach with vast experience one who has won a lot of titles but I always back my lads to be able to do something special the event has responded well after a disappointing against United midweek obviously to put in this sort of performance yeah I gave the word in control of and then obviously there was the Matuidi challenge in the edge of the box and missus Chesney mistake uh obviously for Milan getting off to such a bad start it was always going to be an uphill battle but an unfairness to them why was that not they haven't got the quality of Juventus they hung in there hung in there until that Ronaldo goal so they were always in the game and then of course Egwene who was sent off but we were saying before they were sent off never seen them making as many runs a bit you know able really wrapped up you can see it and I think he's great were given AC Milan credit for hanging in there but that's really all the dead you know you Venice to me always looked is all they had another gear they almost let them back in without penalty yeah but mine didn't take take advantage over and from there really there was only gonna be one winner and there was gab more Katya the event is getting it done yeah and I think in some ways we're seeing a slightly different Juventus in in Syria I thought they they focused on controlling the tempo they're you know less attacking less dominating perhaps than we've seen in the Champions League a lady was asked about this and said you know teams attack us more in the Champions League so there's more space in which to play meet and just not at the races and you know they have so many injuries in key positions you credit Gattuso for for trying something different with Castilla kosuzu and Charlotte on blue all at the same time but the problem is when you're out there in it and it just doesn't work because there's no playmaker midfield all of a sudden as the boys are saying all they can really do is hang in there another weekend in this video is upon us and Paul Mariner is joining me as we tackle Cydia I predict Samaras your absolute favorite so we'll see if you're a proper challenge for me this weekend I will be genuine Napoli you're already ready to make your picks I am general cannot stop considering goals Napoli a scoring goals or form absolutely you know or maybe at home but I think that's the only favor that they'll have on their side you definitely expect Napoli to get the job done in this one and I'm going to pick them Atalanta even though you like to call them at lunch over against Inter Milan what a pretty relatively decent result of Champions League midweek so what do you think I think that inter I've got it going I think that you know the normal thought process is that all the games are going to be tight but I just think there's a too much separation yep I'm gonna go with Inter Milan as well roma up against Sampdoria fantastic when in the Champions League in the week they're sort of faltering a little bit in the league they just cannot find somebody to play that hold it role alongside Anansi there are things with a good signing for them Jekel dinner one of these best nights the other night I think at home he will and I think that will do it I know I agree with you with the Roma that has fall to someone you were looking to see them in the top five and it's kind of shocking to see them all the way down in 9th just just right in the top 10 but I think they should be able to take care of some Tory at home this one could be pretty interesting they're so close in the table laps you're traveling to South swallow how do you see this going I don't I can't separate these two sides I think you know you look at on paper you say officer swallow this is gonna be you know a lots of your game I don't see it that way I say draw the fence it's are you partner well just for that I'm gonna go with away team in this one and I'll say that lat CEO will get the point AC Milan yeah up against Juventus well Gattuso has been on the pressure for weeks and weeks and weeks losing his job baby's coming in all this arsenal so tomorrow we're looking at it seems as though the lads are playing for you know he's you know isn't it a different size to go different systems it seems to work but you've it will be smarted from that loss in the Champions League that they've got way too much quality there's no way that they're gonna lose I stick my neck out and go for a drive this one but yeah don't I think I'm gonna go with you vengeance on this one to bounce back from even if they really were actually heartbroken by the Manchester United midweek that heartbroken what I do pick them to get the job done thanks so much Paul Mariner continue tracking the city I you know we're right here at ESPN FC you could certainly argue that Napoli has the easier but you take a look at the stats the stats you've a with no shots on goal throughout the entire match Napoli go there they boss the possession plus the chances plus the passes as well as gap McCarthy joins us gap Napoli deserve to win well I think I'm balance of what happened you're in the game no question about it they went there they felt that they needed to win to give themselves a chance they try they tried hard for a long time and last half-hour perhaps they ran out of steam so in the end it came from came from a set piece I literally spoke after the match saying no well we didn't play for a draw you know but we sat in there tried to hit them on the break but it didn't quite work out but you know I think we all saw the game you were really really struggled when you don't manage a single shot on target that's not that's not a good sign let's take a look at what else is like we had to say after the match it was a terrible game from both teams they were barely any shots on a goal gap way nice and on this first versus second in Italy for you was it a good game you know I think this question no disrespect is just silly um Napoli went there and they tried to win if they weren't able to go and create chances the way they normally do it's not because the game is terrible it's because you've had defended in numbers and by and large defended well and didn't concede clear-cut chances juventus chose to play a certain way they had the four point lead they had the luxury to sit back and defend I don't think it was the right thing to do I think if I get a do-over he would do things differently but that's what happens when you have one team that parts the bus and one team that has no choice but to attack you sometimes get these situations so I think you know if I think this is as well with a terrible game well yeah your guys didn't quite show up to play and sometimes it takes two teams to play so it was rubbish then but you just can't say that where do you stand on it I didn't see I mean yeah but I didn't enjoy the games home and listen for us for us we want to see a game of football we want this huge chances and we want to see goals and if that's what you want you see then don't go and watch this game again cuz you won't you won't see any and those starts I mean 12 shots it said that the Napoli had I'm sorry I absolutely did not think any one of these teams was going to get close to scoring a goal nevermind nevermind coulibaly scrolling with the werner before we let gap coming alley where do you stand on this it's a spectacle yeah what a spectacle is a bad spectacle when you consider the fact that there was only and to God's spawn there's only one team really trying to win this game he was

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