Joshua Wright – Chopin Piano Competition 2015 (preliminary round)

35 thoughts on “Joshua Wright – Chopin Piano Competition 2015 (preliminary round)

  • I like his take on every of these pieces but I just hear too meany mistakes that I understand why he was eliminated 🙁

  • the fact that he didn't pass says it all about these "competitions". Not the the others were better than him, but since they are all so good, there is no place for the word competition any more. Plus, music is not a sport.

  • Bravo, Joshua!
    Perfect performance- I love your choice of program and I will enjoy listening to it again and again – thank you for sharing!

  • At competition you have to show piano skills. These pieces are not the most Chopin' s demanding technical pieces and are not at fantastic speed. First ballad? Soooo common. Mazurkas? Naaaa. 4th ballad, etude n. 1 op 10. Andante spianato and so on…
    Ok, good pianist, very good pianist. But for winning a competition you have to push your limit to extreme, JUST for winning…

  • Very talented pianist. I want to congratulate him because of his beatiful performance. His sound is sweet and delicate. I know that his gay has a very promising future as performer of chopin.

  • Great job Josh. Trained seriously in classical piano in my younger days. Exactly why I passed it up for medicine, a much easier journey. If a performance like that can’t get u out of the „ Eliminacje” than no one is safe. Agree , may have chosen another ballade to start , may n. 3. So many subjective opinions on a very often played ballade. N.3 very musical and technically doable. Very brilliant though Josh. I often wished I could have taken it to your level !!!

  • I actually really liked his interpretation of the ballade. I think all his rubatos and timing-oddities were intentional and therefore it is part of his interpretation rather than actual mistakes, and I thoroughly enjoyed this new take on it.

  • He starts many pieces a little to abruptly, and his approach was maybe a little to aggressively, and as a matter of factly. But nice tone and flow.

  • Playing some insane etudes perpetually for 30 minutes, and here i am with my hands literally got cramps for 15 mins of fantaisie impromptu practice

  • Chopin First ballade is the favorite of amateur pianists, never play It in a competition if you are not 100% perfect.

  • 4:35 is the part of Ballade 1 in which I don't like so much but when he played it slower and the lower note softer, it sounds more pleasing.

  • The dynamic range compression they have been putting on classical music in these videos completely kills the music. Talk about getting the best musicians in the world and absolutely murdering their music in the mixing stage…

  • Tbh, it's my favourite interpretation of Ballade no.1 in G-minor, he deserved to be in main part of the competiton imo. Josh is great!

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