James Harden and Russell Westbrook are team players – Max Kellerman | First Take

48 thoughts on “James Harden and Russell Westbrook are team players – Max Kellerman | First Take

  • ESPN talks about the same thing the same way everyday… they just reword it, it’s crazy that they get as many views as they get.

  • Westbrook is Draymond green on steroids with much better stats and triple-doubles, Rockets are loaded with 3 point shooters + harden if Rockets play they cards right …this their year… they are much faster and more offensively superior than clippers. clippers look good on paper now but in reality they are a slow and a more of a defensive team…, lakers have no chance …injuries and age …wouldn't rely much on AD …and inexperienced Kuzma … GS without KLAY ar a no threat…especially now with KD, Iggy, MILestone gone…

  • Y’all jus talking y’all won’t be on the floor we’ll see 😴 and Ryan hollins u was fuck DOO DOO

  • Neither the Lakers or the Clippers are better than the Warriors were these last 4 years. The Rockets lost to the Warriors in 7 games two years ago and last year every game was decided by 6 points or less. The Rockets traded CP3 for Russ, which is a clear upgrade, but y’all telling me the Rockets not contenders 😂😂 . . . . . OKAY 👌🏾

  • Lol y'all need another Topic y'all just spoke about this twice . What's tomorrow can Russ and harden wear the same sneakers.

  • Wish I could double like all comments on how preposterous Collins is! It should be a Shaqin a fool award for analyst! Him and Molly would win! And yup whoever was smart enough to understand I'm liking every comment about how much he a dumb ass after typing this! I know the comments about this idiot is about to be 🔥 FIRE!

    Hahahahaha had to come back and say yup I was right everybody is kicking Collins ass in the comments!

  • Espn please start putting a Ryan hollins warning on you videos or im just going to have to skip them all

  • “Lakers and Clippers” Mfs just got to the damn team like they never even played a minute with eachother. Westbrook and Harden played together for 3 years

  • Who’s the new chick she getting the molly syndrome . Trying to change the subject when it’s getting interesting

  • The problem we are having is crazy. On one hand we want Stephen A to take some days off but we also want Ryan Hollins off the air. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Last time Harden played with Westbrook they went to the finals, some don't remember or know but I do and he was the play maker setting the plays when he came off the bench in OKC.

  • Standing ovation for D. Morey!!!

    These clowns aren't talking about anything.

    Welcome home, Russ.

    You're the EQUALIZER & problem solver.

    Let's go Rockets!

  • Fuck all this bs go watch my fight. It's at 228k views it's going viral as I speak. Oh yea subscribe to me as well 👍❗

  • Hollins used to be a suckers as a player, an hes not known as a analyst as well what credibility he has a comeditor?

  • That title might be the most untrue shit I've heard since "Russell Westbrook is a top 5 player in the NBA." Lmao.

  • When its max and this moron, this shit is not even worth watching, they literally just try and get viewrs by sayin the most outrageous stuff on purpose, like things they know are bs and debate em in the dumbest way possible. Shits jus an uneducated cash grab attempt without Stephen As brain.

  • Max Kellerman fits better with Ryan Hollins than Will Cain. I prefer see Max and Ryan than Max and Will.

    But SAS still the goat tho

  • I’m not a rockets fan by no means but a nigga that average 1 point a game is not allowed to speak on triple double machines


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