Is the 2019 Honda Civic Sport the RIGHT compact car to BUY?

Is the 2019 Honda Civic Sport the RIGHT compact car to BUY?

hey guys what's up its Joe Reddy from radies rise I'm at this undisclosed location and we have a special 2019 Honda Civic here and what makes this extra special this is my first ever on rabies rides media press fleet vehicle so basically American Honda has let me ball this car for a week they've loaned it to me so that I could get all the ins and outs experience it as a daily driver and see really what is happening with the Honda Civic so let's talk a little bit of history before we dive into this one Honda Civics been around since the 1970s it's been that go-to for reliable fun transportation things have changed over the years the way the cars have looked up changed over the years but still true to this day the spirit of that original Honda Civic is definitely in this four-door sedan now this one is a special Sport Package so what that means is is that for seventeen hundred dollars more than a Civic LX you're gonna get some extra fun underneath the sheet metal it's gonna allow this car to actually handle a lot better than a standard trim Honda Civic so let's go ahead dive in to this 2019 Honda Civic sports so like I said with the new Civic they decided to take that design fully 21st century like the way they have the headlight housing also thinks so smart on this particular one that beautiful gray color and everything's been blacked out this has been an area that a lot of debate has gone on a lot of arm wrestling thumb wrestling and just overall people arguing on what type of design should happen in these lower corners I like what they did and let me explain why I like the flat black nice and smooth if you look I'll have time to show you there is some functionality to this piece here and what's nice is is that you're gonna get the fog lamps down there really gives it a wonderful look all the way across the front nice clean design they got they blacked out everything except for that shiny Honda H logo you know goes all the way back so many decades of just great Honda products I really think it was super smart the way they took the lower lip spoiler integrated it into the front fascia nice clean look flat black and like I said from left to right just a clean look you can see the functionality of the vent down here very nice overall appearance now when it comes to the hood I think they hit the nail on the head love the body lines and right here this little curve really gives it a lot of character that helps separate it from the rest of those subcompact and compact cars now as we come around the fender this is where it really starts to get good I like the look of this wheel what's interesting is that this wheel is pretty much the same design as what you get on other civics but I like the way it's been blacked out gloss black a nice bit of like black aluminum around each of those edges there it's an 18 inch wheel nicely placed these are goodyear tires eagle sports are gonna give you some decent grip but also give you durability now underneath that fenders we were talk about the sport it's gonna have increased stiffness to the suspension thicker anti-roll bars that's going to help this handle like a little fun sports car believe or not even though you got full 4-door capability as we continue down the side so nice to see they took that beautiful metallic gray brought it into the mirrors now I am gonna dunk this I would like to see the LED turn signals but remember at this price point which you're looking around MSRP around $21,000 I think they really got a winner with the overall balance of where the money's being spent as we go down the side of the car just a little bit of chrome trim everything else blacked out this does have keyless entry which is really nice and as we continue that rear quarter window I love the way that they took the trip they take the trim comes to a nice point and then out back they took a gloss black very tasteful trunk lid spoiler now what's great about it is I love how civics have such an unique taillight design when you're behind a Civic especially at night you know exactly what it is when it's being lit up and if you look it's almost like they ended the taillight housing perfect to start with that decklid spoiler just enough kick up and as we drop down your head your sport badge in the Civic badge what I would like to have seen this being the sport if these were blacked out I think it just would have added especially with the front compared to the back and then this lower bumper has been redesigned to really have an aggressive style diffuser and an exhaust that's very similar to this to the Civic Si that's that HDMI kind of plug-in exhaust some people love it some people hate it it's one of those things am i the biggest fan of it no but you know what it does just keep a nice clean cohesive look to the back why don't we pop open that hood and see what the heck is producing power for the Civic Sport all right guys here we are hood is popped I'll have to admit on this hot day it's about 105 degrees right now on this parking lot it is a little hot in the hood and one thing I wish Honda would have put is one of those little rubber guards here to at least give you a place to put your hands while you're having to take the prop rod and stick it underneath to keep the hood open but what you're looking at that is a 2 liter naturally aspirated engine member when we say naturally aspirated no turbocharger or supercharger what you're looking at at the end of the day it's an inline 4 158 horsepower 138 foot-pounds of torque here's the wonderful thing everybody this one is mated to a six-speed transmission so thank you Honda hashtag save the manuals hashtag driving fun this car it may not have a ton of horsepower you could go get spend some more money about four or five thousand dollars more at MSRP and get yourself on that side but you know what overall it is truly a fun car to drive I've been driving it for the past week and very clean underneath the hood what I like about it you don't have a bunch of plastic covers you clearly know where the engine starts where it ends you got the exhaust right here everything you're altering everything is nicely placed out ABS control is back there near the firewall so Honda really does know how to put a very clean engine compartment but while we go ahead and fire up this inline 4 2 liter and see what it sounds like alright guys here we are interior of this 2019 Honda Civic Sport like I mentioned earlier MSRP is around $21,000 $1700 for the sport you're gonna get some extra touches you get this wonderful leather shift knob you get this really stylish and functional leather wrap steering wheel let's see what we're looking at at the door panels now the door panels do have a lot of black but you know what there's some silver there to break it up the armrests have a nice leather style material they are on the softer side especially when you're looking at Honda products no gloss black so you don't have to worry about your fingerprints and all that mumbo-jumbo as you transition from the door panel to the dash nice soft material I like the simulated stitching and I'm really diggin this it's almost like a black golf ball design style I'm glad they went that route rather than the faux carbon-fiber because it seems that everybody and their mother has faux carbon-fiber in their cars so I do like this finish especially with the silver here's our infotainment system with the AC vents nicely placed with a little bit of silver trim you can see all the different functionality and it's very easy to navigate through which is great and you could always hit the home button here but if you notice I go into info we got our trip computer you could check out what kind of MPGs you're getting you could hit the back button and wind up finding out other settings if you hit climate now here's the interesting thing you do have your good old-fashioned radio knobs so if you like listening to your tunes and you want to fine tune it exact you can use the knob you also have knobs for the AC as well but if you don't want to use the old-fashioned knobs hit climate and now you could adjust it this way so you do have some functionality and some different variety of how you want to get through different things as we come down now if you're wondering why is the USB plug here they actually have it down here so you have a dual plane Center counts which I like this design I have my garage door opener down here but the only catch is is that if you want to use usb up here you got to use this cord that is supplied and then basically you're just going to take your cord and just plug it in like that so some people may love that some people may hate that but that if you want to have it close to you you're gonna have to use that little piggy tail cord this one like I said six-speed transmission you know what overall being just a civic sport pretty short throws and it really has a nice feel to it now when we take this for a drive I'm going to talk about some of the overall feedback that it gives you but sitting here in this parking lot it feels very engaging as you go from gear to gear you do have just a little bit of gloss black here you have an eco mode but there is no sport mode so kind of weird how there's no sport mode on the sport model but you do have an eco mode electric ebrake you have your dual cupholders and and the Honda does it very smart if you have a super big gulp you actually just slide the tray back and then you can put your super big oaf right here you also have another USB down here and then this armrest also slides as well which is really nice and opens so you have plenty of room in there to put whatever you need to and then the seats for the sport you get a little bit of the leather features to it with the cloth the cloth has a great durability I like the extra fabric that they use for the design and I like the leather style material on the bolstering but they're very very comfortable very supportive six feet tall I got plenty of headroom in here no problem with that why don't you come out over the business-end and I'll show you what's going on behind the wheel all right guys we're behind the wheel of this 2019 Civic sport this is what I was telling you about so you do have manual controls but with the Sport Package you get the same pedals that's out of the Si and the same pedal that's out of the Type R good sized dead pedal I just wish it was aluminum to match the three pedals here steering wheel same story this is with the Sport Package $1700 love the leather love the thickness I really think it was so smart to go with a lighter crisscross pattern you got your classic Honda badge a little bit of gloss black and then you have your buttons to go through your different things with your – – is full digital so in the center you have the tachometer speedometer you then can go through through different information like fuel range and whatnot very functional easy to read easy to see why don't we go ahead we've seen the front let's go ahead and check out the back seat of this civics port hi guys backseat I'm in the 2019 civics port then wonderful thing is is that with all this black fabric it's gonna hide all fingerprints and things like that and you look at think about it I'm six feet tall plenty of headroom back here even with the low sloping roof lots of room you can see how they brought that leather style material to the back seat my only Zonk really is I wish that they would at least give you one USB but of course if you go up a higher trim level you'll get that with no problem there's also no center armrest what to what to speak for so it's one of those things that overall very comfortable it would be nice to have an armrest it would be nice to have a USB other than that though I think the $1,700 with the driving experience is gonna be well worth it let's check out the trunk alright guys it's time to check out what type of junk can you put in the trunk of a Honda Civic quite surprising a lot of space I'm gonna put at the end of this video I did a Costco run in this car you could actually fit a lot of stuff in this trunk what helps is very large opening and those seats are going to do the 60/40 split what I like is that Honda engineers are smart they put the levers right here for you to be able to fold down those seats very easily but that's really the key to this car is that you could drive a car you don't have to go get an SUV or a CUV or whatever and you could actually have that enjoyment in driving with your manual transmission but if you're ready I'm ready let's go ahead and take this one for a spin alright guys we're leaving our undisclosed location we're in the 2019 Honda Civic sports and like I said driving this vehicle it's actually quite surprising the car only weighs about 2,900 pounds you have this nice leather wrapped experiment very sporty steering well you got the tachometer and your speedo smack dab in the center and then you got that wonderful six-speed now is the six-speed as great as in the s I know it's a little gummy so to speak but once you like turn up the wick it actually isn't so shabby rolling away in the lower rpms it does take a while to build up some steam but once you get going and you have the tachometer and the higher revs you roll on the throttle and she keeps pulling which is really nice brake pedal has a great feel great feedback great modulation so I'm happy to see that and at the end of the day at this price point I think this is a really great package on top of that you're gonna get all the safety features so you're gonna get Lane keep assist you're gonna get the emergency braking lots of great things that you expect in a car safety wise in the 21st century over the bumps even with the retuned suspension remember it's got different control arms the the shocks have been revolved even when all that the bride is still very compliant very comfortable so if you're worried oh man am I gonna get beat up in this Civic sport over you know some bigger bumps in the road you really are not pulling away though clutches feather-light I love the clutches in Honda's they're feather-light there is a little bit of rev hang that takes place not too bad but it is present going into this left hand down shift in a second on the brakes front wheel drive it handles really great look at this tracks out apex third gear very nice what's wonderful about the gearbox is that when you go from that second to third you know it's gonna go into gear it lines up very nicely there's a lot of gearboxes out there that's when you go to do that second a third it's like you gotta say a prayer and put a corner underneath your pillow for the gearbox ferry because sometimes hitting that third is it's a real mystery but with this gearbox very nice easy to do I like the infotainment you would think that because it's slanted forward it would actually have a lot of glare it does not real easy to read if you don't want to go through the knobs you could do it all digital on the screen make it disappear third gear second gear very smooth the engine is super smooth in here that's another thing that I love about it but rolling away if you are new to the manual transmission Club first of all I want to welcome you I hope you stick around for a while second of all you're gonna love this car because the clutch is so light that it makes engaging and pulling away from a dead stop very very easy that's the wonderful thing that I love about any of the Honda Civics whether it's an SI a Type R or this Civic Sport they are very good when it comes to where the pickup point is and where it's you know feeds out as you release your foot off of the clutch pedal driving on the highway very smooth very compliant let me go in and show you the lane keep assist feature I'm gonna go ahead and let go of the wheel once these two cars pass me and then I'm gonna drift to the left here and you'll see so lane departure it pulled me back in the lane and gave me a warning it does the same thing with emergency braking as well it's gonna give you a warning on the dash and then you'll feel the braking happen to slow you down and keep you safe at highway speeds this thing is super smooth you're gonna get great fuel economy out of this car which is also wonderful even over the chopped-up section of the concrete on those expansion joints very compliant ride going back to the whole MPGs you're looking at around 25 in the city 36 on the highway so this thing really sips fuel really well but it does have a nice sporty feel especially when the road gets twisty it really has a great feedback to it and you could use this every single day and not have an issue plenty of room inside and inside that trunk as well but hopefully this gives you some great feedback and direction on whether a Honda Civic Sport is right for you I'm gonna go ahead and wrap this up and I'll see you back at that undisclosed location so don't tell anybody all right guys it's been a wonderful day here at this undisclosed area I definitely got to give a huge thank you to Davis and everybody at American Honda for allowing me to receive a press fleet vehicle this is going to be the first of many of many to come but definitely this Honda packs a big punch at the price point with a manual transmission great choice but if these are the types of things that you like to see on Reddy's rides leave a comment a comment section if you're new to the channel and you're on your way out hit that subscribe button I promise you it's worthwhile coming back for more if you are subscriber thank you for being part of the radies rides family if you want to help us keep bringing you great content click the link in that description it'll take you to Spreadshirt get yourself some radies rise merch speaking of needing help and being a friend big guns mcgee Tom Motion er he would help out anybody especially if you are already dry subscribers so check him out on instagram at most photos check out his photos of amazing nature and just wonders of the world i think he actually caught the seventh wonder of the world just recently so definitely check him out Instagram and just like always guys I'll see you on the next ride

42 thoughts on “Is the 2019 Honda Civic Sport the RIGHT compact car to BUY?

  • Nice! I love it! I have a question for you. Is this 18" wheels and tires fit my 2016 Honda civic EX-T? Also I have 17" wheels. I wanna that 18" smoked wheels.

  • Nice vehicle. It's the sort of car I'd consider for my daughter in a couple of years when she leaves home for college. Good mileage, reasonably economical to insure, lots of safety features, and more than adequate performance for someone focusing on her studies rather than track days and needing a vehicle that will be reliable with capacity for occasional trips home. That NA four banger is a solid, durable power plant and either the manual or the CVT is a good choice. All of these factors are what the Honda Civic has always been about.

    Alternatives? Of course there are the various versions of the Corolla and the two models will duke it out in terms of sales. Personally, I prefer the Honda in terms of style and materials. It's a tougher choice when the redesigned KIA Forte enters the discussion.

  • Mazda 3 has the best interiors but the Civic still the best option. Good interior space, well made, reliable, good handling, good resale value, sweet 6 speed manual, different engine options, the only one that still available in coupe version, good mpg, it’s such a good car.

  • 2019 design looking a lot better. I have a type R and this still makes me want to buy one. But then again I'm a Honda fanatic. Keep up the good reviews, would like see you do more Hondas.

  • Front profile looks good on it…but I’m not feeling the rear…has to big of a 🍑lol. I do like the coupe version.

  • Its sick in manual but I don't like driving it with paddleshifters, the salesman cringed when I went to upshift and I hit the downshift paddle lmao. Just give me a clutch and a stick and its a beauty.

  • Honda has power bands. "Sweet spots in the RPM range"…know where they are for best performance"

  • What's not to like..It's a Honda. Their motorcycles are the best….crosstrek still has 4X4 more storage and ground clearance. For 21K base

  • Great review! I have a 19 civic sport hatch turbo and its interesting to see the differences. You're right on opening the hood from a hot day or a hot engine!

    The super big gulp comment was on point!

  • Almost all reviews on Civics are with engine with turbos? Why not review the 2.0 which i think more people are interested like me. I hope there is 2.0 engine with these options..

  • No dont buy it they have engine oil dilution problems and also hondas build quality has gone down recently a lot of rattles and buzzes.

  • Putting the 154 hp 2.0 L in a sport version is kind of a downer. I wouldn't even think of getting this car with that slow engine. WOuld rather get the 1.5 turbo. Happy I got my SI

  • There's a Civic trim called "Touring" or something comes with 180 horsepower and it is turbocharged costs less than the SI btw. I wonder if it is only offered for the Latin American market?

  • I don’t know much about cars sooooo this may be a dumb question. If the 2019 civic comes in a sports trim then why is the HP around 150 in comparison to the 2018 Honda Civic ext which has 174HP?

  • This is the review I've been waiting for. I love Honda and have owned two generations of the Si. That said, I'm so disappointed with the new Si because of the issues with the 1.5 engine and the rear bumper of the Si sedan is so hideous. This sport model is almost the better car honestly, over the Si. The sport comes with a more reliable engine, a better looking bumper and has all the safety features. I'm still puzzled why Honda left the safety assist features off the Si. If I could only blend both cars together, I would go buy one today. Instead, if I had to choose, I would buy the sport, at least until they figure out and master their 1.5 engine in the Si. The sport at $20k is a really attractive price point. Could probably be had for under that. And congrats on the press car Joe!!! So glad they didn't give you the CVT lol.

  • Awesome job Amigo!!! Let’s see if American Honda lent you a NSX😀 they need someone like you to spice up their sport 🏎 cars sales 😉

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