Insta360 ONE X no B.S. Review & Quick Start Tutorial

Insta360 ONE X no B.S. Review & Quick Start Tutorial

Today we are gonna do a full review of
the brand-new throwable 360 camera ONE X which is the upgrade version of the
consumer 360 camera Insta360 ONE right here introduces some very
cutting-edge feature like Time Shift. For GoPro user out there is your favorite
time warp feature in the GoPro Hero 7 but ONE X is a 360 Time Warp with
a RYLO like cinematic motion blur during free capture or over capture. This
will help you to create that popular hyperlapse effects or dynamic slow
motion editing you saw in lots of cinematic travel vlog video with Kygo
or the Chainsmokers Trop House music. The ONE X push the FlowState stabilization to the next level and I will show you my comparison and
test this out with GoPro Fusion and Kandao Qoocam on a electric skateboard
like my onewheel and on a DJI drone for aerial 360 capture. ONE X with a newer
image sensor and bigger F2.0 lenses now can produce 5.7k in 30 frames per second
and up to a hundred frames per second in 3K. So now bullet time video finally
looks useful in 3K. For colorist, now you can have LOG mode to
increase the dynamic range of the 5.7 K video you can even use a LUT on the
mobile app directly and that’s not it. HDR photo and HDR video are introduced
in the ONE X, which I will show you the result on recovering lost highlight and
shadow again all in the mobile app Finally, I know you all waiting for me to
throw my brand new ONE X… well hey what’s up everybody boys you hear
from before I show you my test comparison group that came out cool camp
and go poster shows let’s go over all the unique features the install will c1x
test yes upon first one should up to five point seven K 30 frames per second
it is the highest resolution to list consumer camera out there in the market
alongside with e360 VR and common verb it is higher than both fusion and Koo
Kim again don’t hold up on the resolution because it does don’t mean a
thing if the footage is not sharp in 2016
the One X can also go up to 50 frames per second in 4k and 100 frames per
second in 3 K I am not exactly sure why 50 frames and 100 frames per seconds but
Kendall qu can can do 4k in 60 frames per second and 3 K in 120 frames per
second which is more standard slow motion frame rate not like might come to
see rumor prediction the bullet time in fact or the throwable super slow motion
of the 1 X is 100 frames per second in sensor level and may be 240 frames per
second with optical flow slow motion which might still cost artifacts second
one X has flow state stabilization which advertised to be better than the brand
new GoPro Hero 7 will find out how good when compared it with don’t pollution
which come in next in this video so one let’s introduce time shift the
same t-shirt that gopal caught time warp Indian ladies hero seven black series
basically hyperlapse video with perspective change and time ramping slow
motion effects a very popular learning techniques used by lots of youtubers
like Peter McKinnon traditionally without Hiro 7 or 1x you need to achieve
the same effects with Kimbo DSLR and very precise movement and videographer
skill as you see some of my personal works from here from Ray train as
someone actually know how to do it with a DSLR I can tell you this is a major
feature and we say videographers hours of pre-production and post-production
works I highly highly recommend to go check out my mini film shot entirely on
the install 261 X with flow state stabilization and Timeship editing I lit
the entire video mostly on my iPhone X and it only took me three hours to
finish the entire four-minute film which will take days if you edit it in
Premiere and after effects with plugin like revision twister this video will
also show you how nice is the new lot mode and impressive low-light
performance of the camera seeing is believing
number four we have high resolution bullet time bullet time is a feature
that everyone loves and probably why some of the famous youtubers and
instagramers like I Justin look the install twixt one right here so much now
the one X right here take it to the next level
with wider field of view and sharper 3k and resolution here are some of my
for a time test so while I’m on the ceiling of my house to look around this is the beautiful Santa Monica
actress Venice so and a high point the best thing we test is for a time so now
it’s exactly what I’m gonna do and I will stop recoating rapping for times
sake hold it on top my hat do a cool pose
it’s the spinning okay that is not recommended but let me
how could the boy type so we just did the prototype but I think I just broke
my brand-new boiling time selfie stick right here I can just switch back and
put it back in so well I hope they spend more money they’ll make a better selfie
stick for the time stick number five HDR right now the install to
c1x already support HDR photos here is an
example here is a regular 260 photo in my office with the whole creative team
we all loved 360 photos as you can tell and here is an HDR photo of my office
again both shot on the same institute 61 X one after another there is not much
motion blur or ghosting in the HDR video which is a great thing if you pay
attention to the window outside in the distance you see in the regular 260
photo the window outside is just white but now if you see the HDR version you
can tell there is actually a building on the other side this is a huge difference
with and without HDR especially for architecture and interior through 16
photographers HDR video will be supported in the next major update now
let me show you the unboxing and see what has come with the camera done
turned on ship so first thing you notice is the one has a similar design as Ricoh
theta another oh one the camera is very narrow and has tool ins they are not
offset is powered using the tritanus folder optics system just as a reco
fader doesn’t mean better stitch though hmm well we don’t know until we do the
comparison with gopro fusion now the 1x come with an extra battery right here
and that is how you put battery in the camera and put the battery look in the
teeth pull it in there you go now you can turn the camera on and we tell you
the firmware and then show you what mode you’re on so I did some testing the
battery does not last as long as the fusion and defin nowhere compared to the
cool cam so it is about the same
continue recording time as the old one right here so I will suggest buying a
couple extra battery when you go out and film as you see that one is now has the
LED display and can be controlled entirely without connecting to the
mobile phone you can shoot HDR mode Oh should lock mode with a couple click
of this circle right here you can pick as you switch an HDR and it’s very user
friendly and definitely a huge plus on this camera and should compare the lens
sizes with the old one the list is gigantic it’s not
interchangeable though and actually very easy to scratch because of the sizes I
have no idea how you can throw this camera without destroying the lens it
now actually come with me put this down a soft case and I saw the strap that it
is very easy to carry around now also if you order the bullet-time bundle as you
see right here you got a new selfie stick watch out the old selfie stick is
different than the new selfie stick with this part right here so you do need a
new selfie stick to work with the brand new one X not the old one and then
double a time thingy it will work in one-on-one X so that you don’t need a
picture and also you see if they come with a cable that would connect that
with your phone right here so you connect your phone right here and then
you go ahead and bring the thing and connect that in here and that’s how you
transfer footage from your phone to the camera in the camera to the phone and do
all the editing operation also one thing I want to point out is when out the
camera actually does not come with the micro SD card right here SD card slot is
right here and I have a very fast you can see it let me kind of focus it so
is a Sun this extreme 64 gigabyte microSD card you through it’s very fast
SD card so you do need a pretty decent fast SD card to actually capture 5.7 K
so when out let’s go ahead and connect my iphone to the camera so right here
tap one will turn the camera on and we show you the firmware battery level and
Wi-Fi and then next step is how easy is that you basically hit the app icon turn
the app on let me go ahead and tap the camera icon right here and see right
here you connect right cables but we are connected we’ve Wi-Fi I will show you
how easy is that we kind of that with my iPhone so go ahead and hit connect now
and they were ask you to join the network go ahead hit joy and we remember
your previous connecting camera so if you see why now boom you see my meet
right here and then you turn around you see my install a pro 2 and my famous
kitchen right here so that’s how easy you connect the install to assume One X
with the mobile phone so the next thing we’re gonna do is go ahead and show you
how to use this camera first know is in photo Y now I’m in HD art but you can
pick my photos regular photo HDR in turbo mode so I’ll go ahead and pick the
regular photo and then you can set a timer and then you can adjust all your
settings based on is a priority should have sleep priority or even manual again
you upload out right now just turn it back on auto mode that’s how to take the
photo and you just hit snap countdown three two one and then capture eight
photos and then it’s finished so next thing we can do is to show you how to
capture a video so right here video mode and as you see a little bit weird
because actually we went out in a low profile and a current firmware I
actually not suggest to using a lot mode just go ahead and turn off more off and
have a nicer color and then you can again adjust all stop but let me show
you all the frame rate right here so we have 4k 30 frame for kppa 5.7 K 30
frame which I’m on right now and 300 frame you can go ahead and hit me cool
and why now is actually capturing a video if you see this the screen right
there and also show that timer and it’s recording and blinking blinking green
line okay turn off okay now I want to show you how to do the basic living with
the app the video we just took so from here I can trim from left the starting
point the end poi and then I can download the entire video onto my phone
every trim bit so from here I can do stop line tap hole I can smudge up so
check in my face right now oh I can hit here delete that hole and
hit the screen and then just hit the viewfinder
we got the traditional style of a recording so you hold that you can do
tiny planet right now move it back and that’s it recording right there see it
you can play back right now so hit yes and then you can see playback see not to
tiny planet moving with a traditional free capture you can also do a pivot
point instead pivot point and there more couple frame forward and put it on to my
face to the point and then pivot back maybe to this LED light you hold it to
the point and out now I go ahead and get played that you see pip it around you
see my face right there and pin it back to the LED light let me just show you
one of my example right here to how to do the booty really fantasy slow motion
effects the Timeship in fact and let’s see let’s fly this one so I’ll just show
you as you see right here you can turn it into the regular video mode sixteen
by nine for YouTube but you can also turn it into 9 by 15
but I to TV or one by one for Instagram quick but for now refer to it for
YouTube if you see my edit right here see I have a free capture right here
with the tiny planet mode and then a yellow section
I just have a track on my face and they have a pivot point and they’re right
here look at the color I have a slow-motion effect fast motion is back
slowdown effect fast effect again slow down the effects slow down the effects
and fast again so if you see like when you see the message that right here if
you play again you see the message right here see why here say that you cannot
preview that because on the phone you actually cannot see real-time preview of
the 16x time up feature so how do I actually do the Timeship let me just
show you how so right here in the button go ahead and hit edit and you see all
the speed ramp right here you know but then actually tap speed first you tap
this button I have a trash icon delete that trash icon delete that take that
trash icon delete that so first you want to put some key point right here that
will actually help you to know where you want to put in your slow motion in fact
so my suggestion and tips for you is to add some pivot point first so you know
when to insert speed ramp in fact and then preview from here and from right
here I know that I want to not do the speedrun fly-in see like I’m on a one
wheel why now so what you’re gonna do is go ahead and hit 16x hyper lap right
here and just drag it see and this will see the check now right here stop that
and then then I’m gonna slow down a little bit for half speed and then again
I want to do a sixteenth speed and connect here so now I just created in
fact if you saw my demo video you see the fancy blur if that live you saw in
the right ovd oh so that is how to turn it on you actually you turn it off if
you don’t want that fancy in fact but if I turn it on so you have that really
fancy pro is that in hyper lap and then you can hit okay and again you can
preview it so you actually to go ahead and hit export and then Donald two
albums right here and then pick the fixed frame and then
just go ahead and hit check mop and which started export your video into
your phone so you can use it as you all expect it the second part of this review
will be the Nene something that not so good about this camera either need to
improve in the future firmware update or just not the right camera for you right
now if those thumb down bothering you
number one flow state stabilisation does not work a hundred percent of the time
if you are shooting indoor or low light it does create motion blur as you see in
this video when I man inside of a comic book store and it’s not extremely low
light it’s just a well-lit indoor environment around sunset time here is
an other example of a nighttime footage with only street lighting either avoid
low light environment and film on a tripod when indoor or keep your hand
lock on and keep swing movement minimal why avoiding motion blur as well number
two time shift editing best week white pretty fast ball I have an iPhone X
right here I’m still having delay OOP the phone’s turn on and I cannot preview the 16x speed
ramping which is needed for that really cool fast to slow down speed ramping and
it also just a tip if you’re 1x app keep crushing it means your phone is running
low on memory a quick way to fix that is to close all the current opening apps
especially for your iPhone it will fix 99% of the crush issue for Android user
just restart phone no more lighting tour built-in like that Oh install to succeed
run right here it does not matter to end your user but I know that is one of the
major reason why loss of cool hipster who owned iPhone get that one in the
first place they still enjoy that rock and play and directly using your iPhone
and use the big iPhone screen SS coaches the selfie camera if that’s you I’m
sorry stick with the old one people will know carry an extra cable out and about
especially when traveling and I lost this damn cable all the time by the way
one thing and I absolutely hate about vinyl
the good news is you can actually easily connect with your iPhone with Wi-Fi and
the connection is so easy without the need go into setting Wi-Fi back to the
app which is actually an advantage of the one ace among all the camera in
Queen the total fusion One X has the best absolute best user interface on
connecting the phone with a I phone right here number five no lock feature
and easily trigger recording by accident not like the old one the camera come
with a soft is right here it is better protecting
the camera and it’s actually really convenient with the strap but if you put
this thing in your pocket it was some time trigger and recall as you see I
bought that one X into a nightclub and to 30 minute recording black video in
the library because I but record some with receive videos thank you for
sticking around for this very long and very in-depth review but it’s not over
yet the camera just released and lots of improvements are already coming its ways
like to succeed HDR video on its $400 consumer camera boom my blowing as you
can tell I skip the image quality comparison because I don’t think it’s
fair at this moment to compare the stitching quality and image quality of
this camera the desktop app is not available yet at the time of recording
by the way guys I spend two weeks making this video so by the time you’re
watching it at the official launch date which is 10/10 there might be a new
software out there you can render uncompressed 5.7 k 360 lock footage in
120 megabit per second which is the fair quality footage I can compare topo
fusion candle kukan yes you see and other brands but I will still provide
all the footage you saw in this video in a panel link below I make good quality
tiny planet video and over capture video as instagramers on the internet but my
focus is always about immersive to succeed content on a VR headset and
professional content that you can sell to clients and make some money
so going forward this will be the focus on previewing the in stock gives you 1 X
how good is the raw photo what is the HDR video workflow and
compare the HDR where that installed we’ll see Pro to over
right here which will be in the next video so stay tuned how is the Tristan
video quality in 5.7 k compared to go profusion lock in oculus go oculus crest
VR headset can you use it with your professional 260 cameras like the Z Kim
s 1 in 5 / 7 K or even the Kendall obscene in mono as you know that 1x
takes amazing John fridge with very safe flying experience because it’s
lightweight design and Ariel dynamic body and how do color great the new
video all these are coming next my goal is to make this channel and show
to go resources for everything to succeed VR so don’t forget to subscribe
if you are new here and give me a thumb up if you like this video please please
share this mini filmed video with your friends and family so more people who
know the possibility of a to succeed camera so they can throw their couple
heroes away and grow the community of to succeed creators together I am on
Instagram so for more bullet-time example / capture with Timeship
and deals and photos and behind the scene of this video go follow me there
as well and I will see you in the instance in succeed Pro to review which
will be my biggest yet review and tutorial we succeed we are create a
network on creator you

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  • What is your return policy, ???? for Insta360 ONE X
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