Incheon City Concept Design Competition – Call for entries

Incheon City Concept Design Competition - Call for entries

myself and the crew of Witter workshop are excited to announce the opening of the Aegean City concept design competition for five wonderful years this terrific competition has been based in gwangmyeong welcoming entries from more than 500 tertiary students in New Zealand and Korea this year the competition moves to a new home in its Eon city the winner and the runner-up will fly with me and one of my colleagues to Seoul the capital of South Korea for the award ceremony and a wonderful week of creativity our first-place winner will also receive 300 dollars to spend on whitter workshop collectibles we are always so blown away by the extraordinary conceptual art we received from the talented students of our two countries and this year promises to be no exception so the design brief this year imagine a future in which select members of Earth's population has bordered a massive spacecraft and they're heading off in search of new life these bold explorers discover a planet in the benign sentient life-forms that live there together humans and aliens build a new community and a new life together what do people in aliens wear use travel on and discover out on this new frontier you may choose to design characters and costumes creatures vehicles tools or the whole environment and cities what exciting places people and stories can you conjure up from your imagination surprise us with your bold unique ideas and original conceptual thinking make us believe in your fantastical or science fiction based worlds we want to see something we have never seen before from all of us here at the Witter workshop we can't wait to see what you create and good luck to you all you

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