Granny Horror Game In Real Life! – Grandpa vs. Granny!

Granny Horror Game In Real Life! - Grandpa vs. Granny!

hey guys welcome back to granny in real life but with special guests join with Sophie and Austin and Jaden make sure to go check them out and if you guys a new year make sure to subscribe to the channel and hit the notification ball so you never miss when we upload our videos here's how you play granny the grandchildren are trying to escape greenies house but in order to do that they have to find the five keys that unlock the door bring this slop they're gonna have to find the combination for this lock they're gonna have to find the key hidden in a watermelon for this loss they're gonna have to find all the puzzle pieces that unlock this chest to reveal a riddle and use that riddle to unlock the law they're going to need a hammer to pry the wood off the door and they'll need wire Clippers to disable the alarm for this round I'm gonna be granny and I've hidden the five keys around the house and in this episode we have a special guest who does he's got me is that him I cramps hi they are on Gramps and I'm gonna be trying to escape as well but in order to do that I'm gonna need to find all five of my car pieces so I can escape through the garage let's get started [Applause] Oh Oh guys here we go again alright I'm a little scared I don't know what this little grams thing is about so I guess we'll find out you can't leave okay know some bad people out there maybe granny oh I know granny what do you know about Grandia I know that I need to collect all the car pieces just five of them I think why do you need your car pieces so I can leave our you know premium Oh her and I go way back oh my gosh wait you found the car pieces I think we should hide them from Graham yes because if he's trying to leave then like we're gonna be stuck with granny's fear them not gonna have better huh oh my gosh she's right there no no no I'm not okay with this I'm okay with this yeah we have to hide the stuff okay I think there's five of them everybody take walkie wait guys yes let's hide some of them in this room I know we we have to work together to hide this wait yeah you take this as the perfect place no granny I want you cookie Grammy's dang it that's why I plan from everybody else to longer stuff so as you guys know I can't hear too well so I'm sorry if I'm yelling it's just very hard for me to hear I need to find the 5 car pizzas Oh what was the name curling [Applause] why don't we miss try it you get when granny's kitchen and glass this is my blog is it is the blog on okay so vlog update hey guys I'm looking for a big battery and a spark plug and some case I feel like those pesky little grandchildren stole them and hit them they in here no I didn't hear no no no I can't my god did you see it was like a big battery and a spark plug how do you turn this off okay it's a try hit this match ready what's all this shouting yeah another puzzle piece another puzzle piece of old one only this is granny goosey okay did you get it okay they need to help we got to go save her we got to go save everybody okay good all right nice suit guys doing he's going crazy what Gramps is licking it okay what is she doing I'm stuck in the bathroom okay it's crazy out there present everything in here won't bringing back oh my god well you making hot something oh yeah she has the flu yes the flip I know who stole my battery oh gosh I can't get anything okay I got this had to stay away from sick people Thank You grams okay like everything wait we have to be careful we have to be careful cuz she could literally be anywhere did we check under all these I don't know has anybody treated alive Badman it's bitch big has the wires dear [Applause] I'm Jeff and she needs to calm down oh okay all right anything here okay let's check Walter occupy let's do recheck this room aha that's not your granny's Beaujolais I look different for you I couldn't find a whiner hi look hi hi hi in the green room okay contractors honestly I don't know wait wait wait do you Jean Jean so let's go let's go play this puzzle piece back over here is greatly hippies is so Wow she's literally crazy this round where that we looked everywhere the bottom piece look high look high okay I'm looking high it's up here in the blankets oh I found a wrench I found a wrench oh okay that means I have one of my five items in order to leave hot pocket Gramps is out of roll three like three minutes with me in here think you should fire yourselves then at the last second who got caught okay she's like under the bed and isn't wait what night this night oh you guys I found the tranquilizer gun but grams was it night three are used to write it as Anthony didn't get twice the meat oh yeah so around four I made it for you Nicole I thought I was the one with the Alzheimer's grams gram grams grams grapes what have you found any of our item what have you found any of our items maybe we can tell you where we had one of yours if you tell us where granny had one of our items oh I did see one item did you okay well trained okay first you pervs Gramps no I don't trust you yeah try date you like I pinkie promise okay okay where you say yours bud yeah you say yours I hate yours I saw yours he's gonna come in here and get us all yeah we're leaving no no no okay okay I'll tell you I'll tell you checked in the toilet actually George our wisest take up there I'm gonna give you a hand fireplace okay okay let's go slide roll out a lot of twins wait oh wait let me check this room guys they've built up the toilet you treat the people for the toilet but again I see check the bathroom then I check the bathroom wall I see her I see her Sophie I see your don't worry guys there's nothing okay have you used the trunk sorry I've got three five everyone has time did you find anything grandpa trick then we just stay here until I'm gonna make a run for it hey you your pump oh wait what you know Pocono man one two oh stop your whining three four five six seven nine ten okay just check the other toilet just on the off chance that the toilet actually has some meat in it I kind of feel like he was located what what laughing up in here oh god I got it I got it I got it I got it I got to am I on – I think I didn't want to think I'm on another we found another I'm looking in the fireplace I don't see anything it's not the only thing that's if you know what I mean I got the wrench I got the key yes I just need that engine and the battery those are the two biggest things okay she's not there I can feel her breathing on my toes Arica go fifteen oh that wasn't me did you checked everywhere else in here and I she doesn't check everywhere I think we've checked everywhere check the rights to rags when you well you take Gramps yeah there's all septic or what the heck awesome Gramps this is your chance Redeemers on have you seen anything of ours I don't know this so hard to work with sometimes guys I'm just trying to help him out okay you tell me not a fault Oh grams anything Oh guys what is happening we got caught I really don't want to admit her right now but uh oh I may or may not have been caught guys we're on nine five do we think she hid it in here I bet she would've been here this thoroughly checked summers I look around a little bit well good news from me I'm up to a hundred and twenty three six one hundred and twenty 125 126 127 subscribers they just keep going up and up that's the timer grabs I'm sorry it has to be in here well I'm gonna keep looking for my battery because you brats dole it because once I can find that battery over then I'm getting out of hell my god banana what let's just stand rooms and long jump okay she can't get us okay if we move as a group she can't get us Oh trust me I'm not the one who's eating all the food in this house remember when I had that flambe who ate that you did because it was my plum Bay Japan yeah guess what I found without your help I mean hopped a little but I still found it so that means I only need one more and then I'm out of here I like up an A on a split alright guys blog update I got the gas yeah I got the battery I got the wrench and I got the keys that means I just need to find the engine she's right there you guys bori talked me down I'm talking to my blog yes I have a blog if you followed my life you'd know oh don't you dare you know you're subscribed she's doing that she's still in this is really us we can't leave yet she's just ringing with a camper she's a camping news she's camping new ok a big engine there's not a lot of places a big that means I'm a Kazakh here I'm not here are you seeking an opera mouth let's make it to the fillings room yeah adios amigos the Crips way that was the game the grandchildren I want you know I won I won because I found all the pieces before they didn't if you want to see me in another episode make sure that you hit the thumbs up button and the subscribe by him let us know in the comments down below guys if we should like Randy again and who we should add if we chefs one to Rena bag I'm Jeff brand bags or new characters whatever you guys I comment comment down below say have hash tag Gramps Gramps play granny [Applause]

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