Gran Turismo Sport Single-player Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

Gran Turismo Sport Single-player Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

TAKU: Kyoto is my favorite city
in the whole wide world. RYAN CLEMENTS: Oh, personally
you’re favorite city, not just to race in. TAKU: Most beautiful town in
Japan. It’s almost like Boston. RYAN: Actually, I vacationed
there once. TAKU: Isn’t it a nice city? RYAN: It’s beautiful there. CARTER: Oh, you failed. RYAN: But you failed.
TAKU: What? RYAN: I would like you to try
one more time. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] RYAN: Hello, my friends, and welcome back to PlayStation
Underground. On today, a very special
episode, we are playing Gran Turismo
Sport, and I am joined by Taku and
Carter. Gentlemen, welcome to the
program. TAKU: Hello.
CARTER: Hello, hello. RYAN: Thank you for being here. I think we’re going to go back
into the main menu, and we want to show off today
Campaign, which is the solo experience
that is coming to GT sport. And there’s a lot of pieces to
it. So walk me through a little bit about what we have going on in
Campaign. TAKU: So Gran Turismo
historically is not Gran Turismo unless there is a lengthy
single-player mode. RYAN: Absolutely. TAKU: And we call this one
Campaign Mode. In the previous games we would
either call it Curator Mode or Simulation Mode. But the whole purpose of this
mode is to kind of educate you through the game, get the basic strategies and
basic driving techniques. The drills, there’s like a 150
drills overall in this mode. RYAN: You’re saying it will keep
me busy? TAKU: Yeah.
Keep you busy. Also, by playing those drills,
they’re nice and short almost like mini-games, and by going
through them, you naturally acquire driving
techniques and what to look out for, learn the tracks. RYAN: So essentially it’s custom
tailored for me to actually learn how to race.
TAKU: Yeah. And it actually starts off with
a really easy drill like in driving school. The first ones you’ll go through
are start and stop. Like, just apply the brakes. RYAN: We don’t need to show that
one. I think our users probably know
how to start and stop. TAKU: As you can see I’ve done a
couple here. RYAN: Look at these beautiful
medals that you got. TAKU: They’re like mirrorballs,
you know, gold, silver, and bronze. RYAN: I’m ready to dance just looking at all those disco
balls. TAKU: So I’ll go into — try one
of the missions. Mission Challenge is they put
you into situations that might happen in a race, whether you’re trying to pass
somebody in a tight corner, or you try drifting around a
rally track. They try to give you a mission
to clear — to get you set for a real race. RYAN: To earn those medals, to
learn some skills, and to also enjoy the visuals in
the process. TAKU: There’s one that I got a
bronze last time on, so let’s see if I can beat this
and make it into a gold or silver. RYAN: You’re setting yourself up with high expectations for
yourself. TAKU: I spend a lot of time on
this mode. Historically, I worked on this
game for a long time and these still get me really
pumped up. RYAN: Well, because this is a
very video gamey part of Gran Turismo, being able to complete
challenges, clear missions, earn medals. TAKU: So within the next half
mile, I have to pass all these three
cars without going out of the
track. RYAN: Okay. TAKU: Or without hitting them. RYAN: So far they’re making it
easy for you. TAKU: Yeah. But watch out for this turn
right there. I slide around. RYAN: Easy, easy.
How long do you have to do this? TAKU: I will have to do this —
there’s another turn coming up, and once that turn ends, the
drill ends. So I have to really pass this
guy within the next — RYAN: It’s going to be tight. TAKU: Let me draft him so I can
go behind him, so I can sneakily — and I passed him, see. RYAN: Beautiful. TAKU: I get a gold. RYAN: There it is.
And now we dance. TAKU: Now I can sleep. RYAN: I want to quickly point
out that Gran Turismo Sport is 4K, 60 frames a second, and
that’s why it looks so good on your screen, on your device at
home. TAKU: Our guy, the creator,
Kazunori Yamauchi, had made presentations talking
about how — we don’t need to go over that again, but as you can
see it’s beautiful. RYAN: Absolutely. And that is something that the
Gran Turismo series has always prided itself in. And the passion of Polyphany
pushes the hardware forward absolutely every time. TAKU: It has always been the
killer app for the console, the PlayStation console. RYAN: Want to show us one more
mission? TAKU: Sure. RYAN: Yeah. Let’s do it. What else? What other skills can
you learn today, Taku? I don’t think you need them,
but. TAKU: Well, let me walk you
through the big picture here. So there’s the Driving Tests
that I talked about a little earlier. It’s almost like a
driving school. And then the Missions are the
ones that I just did where you pass three cars. The game gives like a mission to
go after. RYAN: Like a scenario that you
would find in a race. TAKU: And then Circuit
Experience is basically learning techniques to conquer each track
within the game. RYAN: Oh, okay. Awesome.
Let’s do it. TAKU: So it’s all by track.
As you can see. RYAN: That one is gigantic. TAKU: Yeah.
This one in the middle. It’s like “the” hardcore track
in Germany. But, yeah. Let’s try the Kyoto Driving
Park. So it will split the track up
into different sections and then eventually will make you do a
full lap attack. RYAN: Let’s see.
Show me. TAKU: Let me try to do the first
drill right here. RYAN: Let’s do it. TAKU: It’s time based. It’s telling me I have to do
0:27.800 to get a gold medal on this specific drill. RYAN: Okay. What car are you taking in this,
that an Audi in the corner? TAKU: It’s an Audi TT. RYAN: Okay.
Great. TAKU: So all these test
missions, they supply you with a car. RYAN: They’re like this is our
formal recommendation for how to clear this track. TAKU: And the important thing is
if you’re logged on, you can always compare your time
with friends. So even in these tests, I can
see how fast Carter went, so I can beat his time. RYAN: So even in the solo
experiences, there’s still a sense of
connectivity with your friends. Yeah.
Absolutely. CARTER: And this is the first
time we’ve shown the Kyoto track on Gran Turismo Sport. RYAN: It’s, no shocker,
gorgeous. TAKU: Kyoto is my favorite city
in the whole wide world. RYAN: Oh, personally you’re
favorite city, not just to race in. TAKU: Most beautiful town in
Japan. It’s almost like Boston. RYAN: I vacationed there one
once. TAKU: Isn’t it a nice city? RYAN: Oh, it’s beautiful there. CARTER: Oh, you failed. RYAN: But you failed.
TAKU: What? RYAN: I would like you to try
one more time. CARTER: You’re distracted by the
HDR graphics. RYAN: You were reminiscing about
— your mind was in Kyoto. TAKU: That’s right I was
relaxed. RYAN: So tell me a little bit
about as we’re driving here how to go and unlock cars because
that’s something that a lot of people want to hear about. TAKU: So in these license tests
in Campaign Mode and the drills, you actually do well, like I
just did, and if you get a gold medal or a
silver, you actually get to unlock
goodies. RYAN: Ooh.
I do love goodies. TAKU: And if you, for instance,
do all gold — RYAN: You failed again.
One more time. Can you try one more time? TAKU: Okay. I’ll try. RYAN: Okay. Okay.
On more time. TAKU: I’m starting to think this
might not be the final version; that’s why it’s giving me a hard
time. RYAN: Oh, I see.
I see. TAKU: The time is set wrong. RYAN: I see. CARTER: That’s a great excuse.
I’m just kidding. While Taku is focused, I can just talk about how to
unlock cars. When you’re doing Campaign Mode,
as you accomplish a set series of different trials and
challenges, you’ll unlock different cars. So the faster you do, the better
you do, you unlock better cars. The more you unlock, the more cars you get added to
your garage. RYAN: And there, right there, is
almost a built-in incentive on playing the single-player modes. CARTER: There you go. See.
TAKU: Got a bronze. CARTER: That was what it was. The talking and driving was a
little too much. TAKU: That was a gold
performance. RYAN: Taku, yes. I may see a bronze on screen,
but it was a gold at heart. CARTER: It was a gold effort.
RYAN: It really was. Gentlemen, thank you very much for joining us on the program
today. We have a lot more to show, of
course, of Gran Turismo Sport, but we’ll
save that for another day. Thank you so much. TAKU: Thank you.
CARTER: Thank you. RYAN: And everyone at home,
thank you. This was Gran Turismo Sport, and this was PlayStation
Underground. We will see you next time. TAKU: October 17th. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “Gran Turismo Sport Single-player Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

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