hey guys that Scott here and welcome to today's ultimate team livestream hopefully you do enjoy this one if you do as per usual hit the old thumbs up button we're going for 200 likes as we always do it if you're brand new to the channel I want to see daily streams and videos then you can subscribe as well but how is everybody this weekend hopefully you've had a good day this is obviously gonna be more foot chumps games weekend League whatever the hell you want to call it basically this is how we are going to go about things today so welcome welcome welcome to every single one of you that is saying hello today as I say how's your weekend bit now or what have you been up to hmm here we go right okay it's gonna be a good one today well hopefully anyway we have no idea what the gameplay is gonna be like we don't know how what we're gonna do but we're gonna be positive right absolutely positive so has anyone been playing in the E Premier League online qualifiers good question no not yet but we've got until like the 29th right I don't know exactly how it works is it is it purely just you'd earn points for winning games or whatever or I don't know I need to have a look into that bit I will be interested in that after after that we can make is done though right eh I haven't heard anything at all back so I have no idea unfortunately it's kind of annoying to be honest with you kind of annoying right then how many Leicester jerseys do you own I have no idea 10 something like that maybe maybe a couple more make sure it's a serve like an comment one away from forty seven point four okay that's what it says at the top there who knows what is going on with YouTube but as as we say yeah we're pretty damn close apparently I don't know so if you're brand new to the channel why not subscribe laughs I did off screen as well as Benjamin off stream as well nice okay right favorite soft drink Fanta unbelievable in about the three and four years that I've been watching you got your first ever ads oh my goodness what is going on there the scenes you just got a new team full fresh with and Bappi newest Benedict I love it so far it's pretty damn good now in the price crash of a few players has been yet a massive lead roles probably other few right he was 350 ish let's bump this up to about here and then bump that up today okay okay so he's still like 300 and say okay that's fine because how much should I pay for mine I believe I paid my 350 yeah 350 so that's not too bad I would take that and he is working well out on that left-hand side with amber pay up front it's not bad at all I am enjoying it so far I've enjoying it you say I think if you were gonna call Barnes back it would have already happened I mean it could happen tomorrow when we play our game and it just turns out that he's in the squad who to play it strike rather inform sir and Bop a son best strike to get in the pram agüero see down there after it up I should be going there hmm oops we'll see right so I'll record not forget missing a record as it stands is 13 and 1 the guy I lost him pretty damn good pretty damn good so I can't really have any complaints to be perfectly honest with you the guy didn't suck it was it was fine it was fine one second right okay when will I become pro no oh my going to Newport tomorrow no no fee for name why does it say foot father because I bought ultimate team back in FIFA oh nine I have to get better at chumps said to get better team since then you put four lone icons in your team already hit the same out of Windsor's last week with 13 win games left it's sad that it is the case but if you have a better team you're most likely gonna do better yeah it's a shame that it isn't purely just a skill based thing rather than skill as well as I guess your team it's just Nick it's annoying it is annoying yes my record is 13 and one as it stands not bad not bad at all this is your first foot champs got gold three not bad as the first one not bad at all we're gonna jump straight in today he was trying today for us I'm not sure what that means he wasn't in the squad which means he's not cup tied which means he can play in the cup for us potentially tomorrow uh Oscar Wow not sharing I hope we put out a terrible team purely for that I'd be pretty good wouldn't it oh if you pack team Liev around what I keep or sell sell I wouldn't want like two million coins worth of player in centre-back rather than like up front right first game of the stream let's see how we do 29 one coming up you say that then we come up against this ah so if you got movant dyke and rahim like come on well Oscar when you're not sharing is it's just pretty selfish isn't it I know we could draw on them when they replay just saying right so welcome to anyone just joining this is our foot champs a weekend we're currently 13 and one hopefully you can support the stream with a thumb up but get us to 200 likes and we're seeing if we can get closer to forty seven and a half K subs is our next targets if you're brand new to the channel or want to subscribe to see daily streams all you have to do is hit that little button and that is it Wow with the deflection [Applause] better for me know yes then Toronto what a monster and you Ramos you're also a beast who needs Team of the Year versions from the normal one for this goods ah why would you bend you run round that side of the plier Tierra's not announced now tomorrow I wouldn't be surprised if like Colette she starts maybe even Shinji now right there you can watch that back I did not do anything that would make that go off the pitch so what just happened there Hibino on to Roberto so he's got two left footed players on this team both of which do not have good week first could be good for us in this game Rivaldo and Salah obviously Rivaldo much worse weak but still Salas still ain't great that should be one nil at it is Neymar a girl the girl the girl I will not be doing Tara as we know just chilling for now I think we're now to probably be the next guy that I get he's just too good he is just too damn good and the thing is there's more chance of like icons coming down in price than Ronaldo like significantly quickly so it'd be less risk as well West our Arsenal good fishing back up for him in this position bravado I don't know why I'm even entertaining the thought of him coming back on his right foot there it's Rivaldo of course he won't that's why he's a terrible icon he's gonna score against me because I keep psyching him off that's not the point okay yes then Tebow my passing it to the guy that's right there Jesus nervous I wanted us Cimino guided true long as it doesn't end up with him wrong goal I knew her avowed I was going to get that ah the way that this game works sometimes frustrating again frustrating and then my la largest bombs out of absolutely nowhere without me controlling him to win the ball back Jesus now what No now what ah the lucky nutmeg come on this guy ain't that good neither is the passing of my players Oh for Christ's sake come on Morris all right here's Conte back danyetta and he could get away here to go in from here I have no idea how he didn't just charge in there and win that head off of him Buffy but we're gonna take it we will take it I changed for 43 well that's what I changed doing game there you go you can see it and we're doing the premier thing for Leicester yes best gold player I have used name our wood name or play well on seven came yes yes hated soleimani when he was with us nearly desperate won him back I don't understand the hate that Slimani got his record wasn't bad I never understood it the there you go so let's go in the Cobra way at Newport tomorrow they're like Gears of War I was never a massive fan it was decent but I never got into it really third person shooters weren't really my thing and other contact never a massive years then you had a better than a query well I used to go out front I'm using been yet around at the white camp so I like that five star week four of his that's for damn sure very very usable flyer I like it unlike this guy on the ball right now I'll take that I think you should switch been yet our name are why the hell would I take out my best player from the middle of the pitch to the wing Neymar runs everything in the middle that's why I should you buy your team before Monday I don't think I'll make much difference to be perfectly honest with you I really don't I do I recommend em from boniato yes can I explain what the C Premier League thing is if I could I would bear I can't so I won't I have no idea how it works absolutely no idea I've signed up I don't know what I'm doing I really need to look into I know that it started today and it runs till the 29th but I couldn't tell you anything more than that to be honest to see it's probably pretty poor on my part but they're gonna make progress in it straightaway Marez it's an easy cut out for your position saw the pass coming get off of me oh I wanted to flick it past them Oh for be near you say you're ghosts then why you not on that account Wow you sign up for online or in person online ten years will be unpacked at impact on Monday yeah the first couple will red modest contact react just ran away from the board I will see doing 150 K fit servers [Applause] he's good but like three star weak kills it sorry t-bo and I'd I swear I just aim to the right and he just Pat I could easily have conceded there because he just passed to the wrong guy from a goal kick how's that even a thing Thursday night last week was when the gameplay was absolutely woeful can you enter a Premier League when it started don't think so this is why they kept banging on about it like today is the deadline or we just flavors the deadline whenever it was if it was four-star would I do it for the same price I'd be very tempted three-star kills the car contact day Bob just couldn't get it through some back twenty two minutes to go – hasn't been great so I feel I feel decent in this game I think we should be okay a Premier League footballer directing you could be in an arm wrestle probably none of them let's be real they all go to the gym try doing with Neymar that's cool when you flick it up I don't know which one that was sorry Alex didn't get a notification again again because YouTube is a wonderful website I best finishes 26 and four took him second best player under rush sure didn't use them because you had footmen I'll help try them out and like didn't you a more nice velocity flick oh no it would have been the it would have been the L tornado not the velocity flick well I see flickers crap it's a five-star skill move right there is absolutely no reason why you would do that over the old tornado it's useless absolutely useless especially as the outside NATO zopi lassy flick has no point since the other dying of all the skill moves that they could have introduced they bring in one this pretty much the same as something that already exists hold on guys rates of genius I'm assuming you mean this don't use goalkeeper movement very rarely I'm not good at it so no not really bestir sounds good bang to the ball broke free here's Conte ah did I see Jillian beat card if I did I did Dalai fàbregas flop fàbregas is a beast yeah just heard Lester set signs a mulatto yeah definitely true that one can't wait Alex it ain't happening cuz I can't do him no be this ugly he blocked me off friendly finally this comeback have you just let him who was diving Heather to win the ball back come on mate nice – chasing behind he's coming back looking for a teammate tonight scenario here nice ah nice play [Applause] the fake Drake back absolutely sold Van Dyke there they got done by that because he thought I was gonna cut him with like a Maggie be spin or something I've done it a few times so he I guess he thought I was going to do a similar thing but I didn't that's the key with skills not doing the same thing every single time nice flick have any other yeah we did it eventually I don't know if this away I don't know if I make a mistake when I'm doing that I wonder if there is a way to keep it closer to your player when you do that rather than what I press all right now I hope there is because I'd really like to be able to do that but hey there you go right stream labs you are not updating me with anything today what the hell is going on hmm do you get pictures pressing Y on passes no knew how to do our tornado I'll be in them a McGee D spin should you spend the money on Neymar and at one point three more team yes Neymar incredible how many stars the last Co five you have no coins to build a team around Tevez better be worth it push him right stick yeah but if you do that then it just flicks it on the spot right it doesn't take you in a direction so don't know if it's how hard I'm flicking the stick in the direction maybe if I do it less either if helps on the investments we first our skill moves then why can your deli perform as there are exceptions to the rule yeah last year only like five players could do it in the game and most of them were even 5-star skiller's then they changed it yes this year so that all of those guys as well as every other 5-star skillet can do it so Griezmann can do it as well they'll watch England v rest of the wild match now start doing like Rockettes are having much more success whether it's making a space living there so just when you're in a corner it's the best skill move in the game by far by far push it in as in down to the controller that's why we literally just I know we just went over this again that just does it on the spot it doesn't move it to the side you can literally just stand there pressing it in and in and in and it will just keep flicking it up it won't take you in a direction vote for Team of the Year yet my vote doesn't really do anything so no new what rank are you what exactly do you mean as we're only halfway through our games so I'll rank right now doesn't really matter at this point Oh tornado is our be the last flickers lb Joel nope fortnight yeah yeah this keep yourself cellar get rid of the guy he's not good enough not good enough this year right let's do this then what if we just hit 100 thumbs up bang thank you very much everybody for the support so far today again if you enjoy it help us out smash the thumbs up button we always aim for 200 and if you're brand new to the channel and want to see daily streams and videos why not subscribe if your subsets of public then they will appear on the screen as well and you'll get a little shout out even more it's a divot right Wow no we predicted it otherwise we were away that would have been insane Brianne it's a bit heavy it was an early foul I mean how can I even prevent that from happening they're not try and get past him they'll see gorillas lose for $7.00 yesterday nope but gorillas not known for his defending is known for just outscoring people so it wouldn't be the most surprising thing in the world if it's in like a pro tournement right rather than foot champs then I would be surprised unless he's come up against the pro take drink water bucket laughter water's being sold was the best piece of business we ever did over a supplier sold in for them way too much Sam of course danyetta everything about it's all for the touch that has hey [Applause] in one it doesn't really tackle me that's got to be at least the yellow card he just flew through the back of me I swear I didn't put much power on that I don't know why they didn't loop a bit more rather than being a low sort of drilled cross babe ah my dearest just to dink that over actually get on the end of it with a volley bit didn't have enough time because he put it too low I was gonna say I did foul him to be fair 84 infant Jesus or 88 uniform alert and it's definitely Maximus J Zeus is not fit to lace the boots of his card last year oh my god that was filthy the Nutmeg that was lucky that was to the wrong guy so we got our one bit of luck and then it was instantly wiped out by the game just passing it to the wrong fire wonderful [Applause] I didn't press that game how did I lose the poor oh that's a yellow but when it was the last man and he did exactly the same that's not a yellow good logic yeah makes so much sense [Applause] very straightforward save for the goalkeeper that's a great ball [Applause] I didn't not lock on to the guy that I crossed it red Mara's what is happen no I'll come on what the hell is happening right now going on keep us more Jesus or possible accurately across all controllable properly at least he can shoot a ball properly though unbar one nil Jesus takes a lot to get a random fee for these days mmm what do you get a yellow in fee for these days wipe out our guy when you're the last man Limor slaps him silly mom complaint in man hey ba [Applause] I read that the entire way almost just completely missed the ball there in kick the man or it looked like ol Papas it's not gonna pass even though I pressed it this game has been ridiculous there's been so many weird things that are going on I don't even know Oh Deary me Deary me right could I have one throwback card from a previous FIFA which would it be Jamie Vardy is having a pie of course excuse me I'm gonna do anything with merch yep if they ever get back to me I will the no response 7l gato whoo when you apply to potentially do stuff without got it they get back to you within 5 working days I think I sent my email on the 15th everything was going great [Applause] so I've taken rivals depends what I'm aiming for never the tradeable pack stayed with Marty's by far the worst option [Applause] looking for teammate real mess of that chance picnic just a classic took the bottle that that was a shocker they buy and come back into its own half to get hold of possession here Ruiz has been absolutely done have any worst we can they get gonna sell for gold to maybe even gold three well hopefully things turn themselves around think I'm gonna leave I can hope so but you never know what you're going to come up against who you're going to come up against let's say last week the Saturday game play Saturday night game play honestly abysmal tonight really doesn't seem I wanted action anymore it probably wouldn't have got to him but well no foot swaps if so what which one I'll take a pack of some kind my loss was off stream though about switching to Spanish commentary again not really why trade will packs the worst option because you get way less value for money in your rewards unless you get insanely lucky insanely high Carlos yes wacky because people were interested in seeing it for a fee figure you get a lot of views it's not bad is it there's quite a lot of people here which is why I say hopefully you're if you're new especially hopefully you enjoy the stream if you have any questions about it or about myself or my team or my channel whatever chuck them in the chat the whole point of my streams is to make you feel like you're a part of what we're doing ah to interact with you as much as possible whilst we chill and play some games if that sounds good to you and you knew why not join the channel apparently was still one civil way from 47 point 4 K but I know for a fact that that is incorrect so I don't know why that is not updating today but hey if you want to get us closer to forty seven and a half then that would be much appreciated and thank you for getting this to 130 thumbs up as well 200 target is gonna get smashed yet again maybe we can even bump it up to 250 as the target today I don't know this game looks like it is already over there I clearly ain't that down the pitch but that's fine Ellie no I've not you know just get the replay after a goal on ps4 l1 and r1 at the same time right I don't know i haven't used sun so I couldn't tell you sorry I very very very rarely move my key because I'm not good at it so more often than not it would actually make me can see the goal rather than stop me frequency goal a gaming monitor or small TV I have neither I have a 32 inch TV that I've used for years and years and years never felt the need to replace it the only real time that I would is basically if I had a lot of spare money that's why I don't normally do through boards in that scenario I don't know why I did it right there I thought that it was far enough away from the keeper that he wouldn't do the stupid you know what here's a through ball let me just press it straight to the keeper instead but no I was wrong so in that situation don't press through ball what you need to do instead is an RB a or an RB X we have to watch the replay of this because anytime you get an L tornado shakyla or volley team double the price for tennis procedures needed for today will accept and came to the determinism species over yes he will he's also impacts right now so his price won't come back down until Wednesday are you a difference guy what exactly do you mean by that I mean div to endeavour eigvals with roughly a two point three K skill rating maybe a little bit lower than I keep flirting between two to fifty and two point three K did that well intercepted favorite ever Spanish footballer Iniesta probably puyos gonna be up there as well Crecy of formation tactics and instructions that's fine how right highly g-rated culture what on the game new can't say really can't control the ball all the time disappointing by the way how did for an not just get yellow card for what happened down at my end I wiped him out and it was last match okay take it I'll get some Bama hang on fever he's not not bad at all why are you on the floor that doesn't look like an L tornado to me they bar okay that's fine right best I can FIFA probably call it just wondering who your real inspirations were for fee for YouTube some 5000 probably JJ and net Oh Deary me Oh YouTube finally updated or the thing at the top finally updated with the number of subs good well done stream lapse you you took a long time there but you did it so we obviously have to watch a replay of that goal anytime we score something like that we have to it's a rule it is just a rule so which one is this one right here we go Neymar is just too sick bang bang bang bang bang bang right oh god I just pressed the wrong thing ah oh god hurry up and connect back to the Xbox there we go alright we're back Deary me right oh wow you were eight and ten now now ten and nineteen that's tough that is tough well came at six absolutely nothing for lone can pop rock a DB k DB by Daniel sick at the start of FIFA nineteen did I win all my placements no I think I won – drew – and lost one something like that best private practice can't a hoot bale team up good with inform Carbajal Welford I have s9 plus they play football IRL very rarely thanks for the response like the interactive and chill atmosphere subbed what a hero Naveen welcome to the channel hopefully you enjoy the daily streams as I say any questions fire them my way and if you enjoy the stream let's see if we get like 200 like shall we if you don't enjoy the stream as well I'm always open to constructive criticism to try and improve the streams so let me know what I can do to make it better and I will try and improve that okay so we're now 15 and 1 so update that ok writes Alex not sure sure about that one but interesting hmm so you want to see what they changed into in-game right there you go this one how you get so much money play the game hell of a lot this is what we switch to Chris Brown flashback Tevez up top or on bottom roll the second one easy easy put music in the background the only issue is on youtube you can only have non copyright music if someone found me a brilliant playlist full of like non-copyright songs that all actually have lyrics and everything in them I'd be down the only thing is pretty much all non copyright music is just instrumental rubbish that's just so repetitive that I don't want to play the same 20 song playlist every single stream that's the issue with it so as I say if someone found me some sick playlists that actually had lyrics to the non-copyright songs they might I take an interest but that's the only reason I don't have any sim for that next up my team is Ronaldo Ronaldo walk aerobic cane striking over not all messy Wow Jesus instructions – these are tighter I normally do off stream because it's a pain to actually get that compared to normal favorite ever Leicester player can be I say Cambiasso ever played Bale yeah bat was very good it's just a shame he has a three star weak foot thought of upgrading to informal buffet nope there's no point he won't notice the difference dominating no no why not I stream on Twitch there's many reasons I don't stream on Twitch the main two are the a lot of my things are like episodes of a road to glory and so it's part of a series so it's best that it gets uploaded as an episode that can then go into a playlist etc straight away and also it's easier to grow on YouTube in my opinion because there are no limits to like what resolutions you can stream it in everything no matter how many people you've got watching etc so we already have an audience and it's easier to make it grow so yeah those are the main couple of reasons there's a couple more bit yeah well so a music do I like a bit of everything other than scream oh pretty much one would be the best don't stop buying players anytime if you've only got 150 K people aren't going to change prices for that price range you'll see price changes in let's say Pogba can't a agüero Ronaldo Messi you're not gonna see a price change in like Allen so just do it now great Ronaldo just gonna be our second locus of the weekend cuz we're up against two that fall again this is very similar to something that I actually looked at but been yet or instead of Matt weedy and then you'd have p'tee and Blanc as the two icons as well as we ran out a bit god it's so expensive why can't be I say because he's just an absolute legend but I put Ronaldo who would I replace I replace reality you play sprite culture unless your team is absolutely outstanding there's no way you can't cover an out of a strike keep losing any tips it could be that you're terrible at the game it could be that your team sucks it could be that you care too much about each game so your mental state is not right because you get too annoyed I can just call it now there any point in playing this game hopefully no of course Neymar puts it wide why wouldn't he makes perfect sense Cancellara's for style good to know for the future because I will potentially get or I will be using him I get renowned that's a foul oh no sorry it's just this ball Crespo's got it at his feet score to get Ronaldo in put Ronaldo where and Bappi is in my starting lineup and some back way where we had and obviously can sell o in that's how I'd get the can you know it's way sure just shot instead of doing the lack bridgetta because then I badly timed it oh you got away with that my friend guided through [Applause] get away contact now Marez I'm gonna contact back moving from one side to the other how can you possibly let him get in front of you can say and then you get nutmeg that's wonderful and then I tackling but don't get the ball because it's Ronaldo this is what this game is going to play like every single time you play against the guys the same that's why I need that situation need that Ronaldo effect again just bounces straight back to come on contact nah it's too far isn't it of course it's too far man Appetit they bar wit clean the attack here looking for a cross at the end of it try to steer it in but it's past the post yeah all the good players put those Barnabas's out of their mind and come back again and do better next time god he's upside of course it's a heavy tip so it goes straight back to him laughing yeah as his ball as well Wow I mean he picked it on to me my players missed the ball oh I hate playing gets Ronaldo so stupid I swear my team just they become bronzes can't function normally having missed the ball they're shocked it bounces straight back – no he's missed the ball again let's cut out I mean I press shoot and he didn't great god supposed to beat the guy don't you dare was a great tackle oh and then pug but yeah you run it over there good tackle again glorious dudu normal ones where I spend money no I have this account I had a draught of glory account but no one cared so we stopped that so this is my only one this is it how good is riad very good mercy Ronaldo IRL Messi gzx reply to rush the ball when you're out of possession sometimes yes not all the time what does copyright music mean can anyone explain normal music that you know basically now what chef a cup today part of it Alex it may be the best I'm not sure I've seen any cars do I want based on ones that likely to get one I won't be able to get any of them there'll be stupidly expensive as much I would love a pogba or run out on this I won't be able together with how expensive like the top tier icons and stuff are this year don't just be they'll be too much then practicing with a lesser team for the premier Premier League I haven't done anything I don't know how it works I've signed up anything shocked about system behave yes I believe the most surprising thing that's happened this game is that that did not bounce straight off the post back to Ronaldo obey doesn't matter cuz he'll score and overhead from a corner it's genuinely pointless playing against the guy you can't do anything it's just so boring this is why I want him in my team I'm bored of losing to him just because he's broken it's outrageous absolutely outrageous I said this last weekend my I genuinely think look at that it is bounces straight back to in I genuinely think 90% of my weekend League losses are against Ronaldo he's too good it doesn't matter what you do you can't stop him intercepting either the ball or bounce back to him because that's what happens when you play in every ball just seems to bounce back to their team or he'll score from a corner because you can't stop the guy whether it's a header or an overhead doesn't matter I'm bored of playing the guy let me lose to someone else that's fine I don't mind of course the AI defender blocks the shot that he had not moved his key before as a muffin – hit that past I was he's in Neymar on the set piece the corner oh that's a shock my header frock on I didn't go in his overhead this way through three people that was 20 fending there that was definitely to Marcelo 100% that was to Marcelo because I had pulled my player out position and he was in a lot of space there [Applause] [Applause] you saw me press B right for the first time shot and he didn't do it I'm telling you when you play against this Ronaldo your team fall apart they don't do what you press gonna bang that ah there's a good bulb I can't say they I played it right I can't believe he didn't shoot it first time unreal miss nice absolutely typical price that's what it is live across our a lot of defenders between them in the gold but they still got the ball RS ah right I think we're gonna have to do this that come on and then I'll catch it with a chat I know I'm quite away behind but thank you everyone let's hit the thumbs up by the way we're five away from 200 likes and we're a few subs away from 47 and a half K if you want to join the channel hit the subscribe button meanwhile we're gonna pull this back to Dan ballet who's gonna go for one of those [Applause] No anticipated the direction of the pass and was able to intervene not tweeting Marcello stared through Dembele book width in the attack here looking for a cross at the end of it what should've been named armed reacts place name was dead though that's the thing no just dies the ball back in its own penalty area though come on guys you've gotta get in front of your man there we can't let them get it come on with modest yeah that's exactly the drug bag that I was looking for right sure definitely in that white game fine let's try and catch up with the chats good stuff all through throughput ran out of sentiment yeah but then I can't get everyone else on full can without icons or even close to full cam don't think the ruler could beat you with your team with him using full bronze team no last year or the year before yes this year no favorite luster player it can't be us there of all time yet see here why do you like playing squad battles and what do I think needs changing I don't I don't like playing squad battles is boring it's very very boring my numbing ly boring I will only play it if I have to to get a foot swap by our that's it able to cut that out with some sharp movement could be dangerous he moved his cape up and we predicted him to move his keep walk come on oh I knew it as well [Applause] what a ball oh my god that touch was so heavy as if I serious that path did not get to my plier and it managed to get to the gold key I don't know how he has just got away with that [Applause] good position here Baris [Applause] are still going nope incorrect there's no need to send them off it's an awful touch Timberlake No short with the corner [Applause] around mops if you could control the ball we would have about a chance there ref ref ref I think Calum hood said Oh as a future Chelsea no I did absolutely no idea I lost much coins on my team probably but I have no intention of selling anyone really until I get Ronaldo so I don't really think of it as a loss poker is great to see the M yep best African player of all time deny whatever have enough right now don't I'm like 1.5 mil away from him yeah a long way I think Messi deserves either more than four stars Gilliam is a four star weak foot no you shouldn't have forced our skills realistically should he why do I think top tier icon slash Ronaldo is so much more expensive this year compared to last year pack weight or just they're more sought-after or neither neither it's the fact that coins are more easy to get this year than they ever have been with the rivals being introduced for now do I say people I can't miss he does do what he does because Messi does not fit the meta of FIFA as much as Ronaldo Messi is very good this year but Ronaldo has the height and the strength that Messi doesn't he also has the 5-star skills oh so long to pasta oh it's an old football [Applause] oh uh for now don't you quit oh Lord Raoul with the assist it's a shame isn't it as well there you went for two four he went for it I don't know why he was getting chances he didn't need to do that fair enough if that was still 15 minutes left if they were 5 left okay but left with Paso and Matuidi is your sentiments yikes that's that's an F I would say um I was getting at prior months probably son guys we just won the game against for an all day sixteen limbs 16:14 pattern wrong place yep yep maybe subbed off the wrong part right let me catch up with a chat then what job do you have I don't I'm a full-time uni student I do not have a job how do you have such good internet must be pay for good internet renowned it by far the best player in the game yep school on prediction menu space school to all to all did i watch masters football back in the day don't think so William exactly favorite streamer well thank you very much Pat for the kind words I appreciate it why didn't I shoot with pogba deny goats nope you should say Paris instead of dembélé what are you talking about mate then belly smashed it it's fine if Celtic move to the Premier League how well do you think they do bottom off worst player I've seen a Leicester shirt or a zoom on Ibaka oh go something like that ah Kyoko Karen what in this name was right how much longer will I stream I don't know progress best positioning game probably sentiment what's the best icon I've used I've I've only used icons in draft other than this alone Raoul which I've used I've subhan three times that's it Josh you have a streaming Expo CPC right very big difference between missing one out is that Messi any estimates to someone over now to 88 yep again we're now this fits the meta and has the a couple of stats that Messi doesn't the making better in the game Roxie's me in the future breed off and keep name our on what are you talking about I've explained why I take or took Neymar off his stamina is worse he was dead come on guy like you saw what never mind when our Krishna said have been yada cuz Griezmann sucks and been yelled as a god that is why just Greece from another five star week for absolutely not no cuz how it is very good at left back yes I don't think Riyadh would be awoke at winner now had he remained French yes direcor Murnau there would be a lot more if he was still illegal yes I don't play fortnight no haven't in months Dom I don't know I don't know who's the best friend world IRL Messi first weekend they gave I got seven wins eight losses not bad start it's for old good midway through doing anyone don't know any plans for Team of the Year not opening packs that's for damn sure other than that nope as much you from Celtic good throw to the final card Celtic said something I thought it was it like a Russian league team or saying he's good yes and float against Mac alele very rarely very rarely but he's good he is good Malhar welcome to the stream same with anyone else that's saying hi hello whatever hopefully you've had a good weekend so far hopefully you enjoy the stream if you do help us out get us 250 likes are on 2 to 2 right now we are aiming for that to fitty and as I say if you're brand new to the channel want to see daily streams and videos why not subscribe this is what we do we chill out we play some FIFA whether it be weekend League foot draft division rival is wearing div to pushing towards div 1 and talking to the people in the chat having a good time making you feel like you're a part of our channel and making sure interaction is our number one priority if that sounds good to you why not all of you new people subscribe at the very same second there's over 700 people here right now that would be incredible and look at the top we're getting close to that forty seven point five K mark thank you very much sporting yeah exactly not Celtic she's for reading a comment no problem again I said I'll point in the stream um Robbie hopefully there's well that's like have I saved my previous packs for Team of the Year nope no one should do that if I over open packs this fee for nineteen no this is a road to glory there's no money put in and I'm not gonna waste my coins on packs because that's that would be stupid no one should ever ever ever do that if we added three star weak foot would I still use him absolutely not nope that's why I don't think Sal is good on this game weak foot is the most important stat in the game have overviews flashback teach it the only flashback I've done is hon Fran I think a will patch the flight you know you're the home team and foot champ as much as soon nope I doubt it well I play all my games in stream I've already played some off stream see video starts on Monday dude Monday Alec so glad you enjoy it should do marquee matchups most of time they're not worth it right unless you've got the crap stuff that you need it's untradable let's give it 30 seconds so that this person that's doing the same as me can find the game right otherwise we're just going to be stuck in an endless loop where we keep matching each other one of us won't be at home why don't they show all replays of goals that just allow us to be able to watch the whole game in real and like a theater mode don't know the fact that the champs channel exists but you can't watch your own replays is stupid really really stupid well like Mourinho is Leicester managed in no don't think I could possibly get elite one I could I probably won't I would just like to get elite berry try again it's what I'm gonna say don't think I'll get flush by any team of the year know why not seven packs for Team of the Year because if I I won't pack a team of the year and anyone that I do pack will have less value Dom I have no idea I don't know what the difference in rewards is I think ven tight will get team of the year yep how come Ronaldo and therefore star week fit don't know with a pay to win team guys thinking up top 100 I think I get elite one not top 100 team of the era so my point is time of the year for EM FIFA for 99% of people yep unless they do like s pcs for the nominees the guys that don't quite get team of the year then it would be interesting that would be interesting why do always wanna play as the home team because I don't want to play against any pros and 99% of pros do exactly the same thing so playing away just means that you can play against them you feel an issue with ultimate team is that people think it's like real football if you play fee for like a real football team then you're less likely to win yep the play of the month will be on Friday I will not play the rest of my games today no that's way too many games way too many would like so Shara's leicester manager I'm not even gonna judge the guy have to do what for games Scott's fair enough fair enough there's a huge jump for elite one to top 100 exactly I don't think people realize it this year last year there wasn't you could basically scrape elite one and potentially get top 100 this year No would you say that you're an elite player right now I mean three times in a row right now yeah it is the lone play now well hello how you doing Wow Oh No a bit nervous on 99 in particular with this crafting the true path trip with the ball now for plenty of speed organization crucial time no I needed more power on it that was the right pass picked the right one just not quite hard enough total shock they bar back up for him in this position that's unlucky that's very relative Aleksandra better luck in the game when he's in position I would say so or probably actually no I would say the left back Maldini is probably best haven't using this year so don't know if he's as good as he was last year but wow he was outstanding why can I not switch player how is that still a thing in the game that was supposed to be patched months ago and it still happened why people don't trust your patch notes ea you change things and they don't change [Applause] they're seven but my name is Vanessa so boring yep how much sure Kurtz YouTube videos yep and yeah I agree I I don't like the guy I agree with some of the stuff he says I didn't want to shoot with Varenne I don't know why it looked on TIF around of all the players and then he's gonna score just a very good save should loans be banned from foot champs instantly yes well I'm using a loan Raul this weekend because I got an untradable duplicate New England so I put them into that SBC I would happily sacrifice that instantly if it meant that all loans were banned definitely I hate that it exists we said we talked about this yesterday like the fact that you can't use attribute cards how is that any different from using loans you're basically boosting your team without tribute cards you're boosting a team with loans where's the difference I don't see one barks a dog Sato he just pulled me back breath oh this scumbag my boss you are yeah that's what I thought Kyle ping that Oh ping that instead why can't you run towards the ball when receiving a pass because that's a mechanic that they have not changed in fee for four years it's really annoying in it so oh yeah I definitely be able to get the ball here oh no no it's my players just gonna stand there like a lemon instead of literally stepping forward two steps to get the ball like reliving a skill move they're just ignored it this game young man crap yeah we knew it was going back to him roll good kick by the keeper they bah contact quick-witted and quick in this movement to to intercept that shreds it through that's a yellow car breath thank you if you want to send him off I'd take that as well but it's definitely a yellow – that's such a weak shot okay right I love the streams thank you very much play away games just cause you know you'll never ParaPro a record was never good enough yes skin nice Kyle nice yeah sure shout out to Finland Finland allies is it after you bought Nemo start to get a leak yep I've got elite every single week since they got Neymar they think man you'll get top four I did my prediction estat the star dear I'm not changing them as you used to play right wing back would I class myself as a Ricky P he's better forward but going forward than I was don't move the goalkeeper rarely best striker apart from cr7 and are nine prime Cruyff doing Tavarez no let's pray in the world apart from Messi Ronaldo Ricardo Pereira come on any bad player can just put a low number P on and win that's what happened to you anyway mmm-hmm Pokemon can sail contain keen I don't know I I would probably say pomp is better than keen but icons just have that thing about them am I not gonna do a league SBC you don't have to move you keeper to get elite I've very very very rarely do it you're just gonna be good enough at the other parts of the game so that you don't need to do that does that just help don't get me wrong I'm just not good enough at it for it to help me that's absolutely stupid well it swerves a bit at the end it might have been going wide initially but it's hit the inside of the post into the back of the net you see there's just no chance for the goalkeepers moving away [Applause] so trans from the goalkeeper they're not the most demanding safe but it had to be made to do today dude it did it it it – that's his game it's the Interceptor I'm not doing tennis why would I want a three star weak foot striker parents 800 charge down vendetta possibility of making a chance to go in front okay sure that's fine that is perfectly fine Nick if you don't want to come up against boring teams by single matches don't play the competitive game mode where obviously everyone's going to use the best players that they can how is Sadoff quicker than Neymar decent opportunity I think Raul sound like him really to play the ball straight to the opposition to Neymar okay now Marcus Rochefort tough to pass there on the attack trying to shoot it No short corner this time red Mara's crosses it still danger here after this heart clearance if someone a bit different well since we're going to I can't remember the last time I scored a header from a corner they just don't go in for me maybe once I get Ronaldo maybe then I'll be able to score him you know he's scoring into me never played forward a bit of menace in this attack brilliant depending it saved a certain goal he was almost wheeling a way to celebrate them there is some backup for him in this position ah from post corners are not Opie for me my players don't win it they do not win the header because you always do a short pass on corners yeah cuz they suck do you not understand the connection here I don't whip corners in because I don't score from them because my players the headers never go in even if they somehow win it it didn't go in I don't know why I just tried that pass straight through his player what is wrong with me just across the cross doesn't get past the first man we had Mario's no in the short time that remains contact still don't know which way this one's going to go with five minutes to go score still level now here's a chance to get at the opposition five minutes it's out this would be a true day bar there's absolutely no way that path should be getting intercepted with where I wanted that to go too much pressure for the opposition you've lost the ball that's not where I aim the past can't a yes scumbag strikers good goalkeeping I think you thought the match winner there but then we all thought that bombing shop is going in oh my god I have dominated can't score they recommend using loans if you've got him go for it if you had the money would I do the Raul SBC no I'd buy Ronaldo oops in a game when they to nail Vince is just Sam resuming match in the middle been this for 20 minutes is it a glitch yep enjoy you'll probably get the loss alright Premier League predictions I did a video on it when do I open up my rewards Thursday's 6:00 p.m. can't complain about time finesse when 8 percent your goals come from them when you see me moan about time for now I said his goal was outrageous just because I score time finesses doesn't mean I don't think they're dumb that's stupid some of the goals I've scored are just ridiculous this year spinning 270 degrees oh it's gone top corner nice good game but yeah I score from them yeah pretty much every single goal is the time finesse I doesn't mean you can't say that some of the finishes that you can see from the moon may be silly his one was mad absolutely mad but that must have been perfectly timed otherwise I don't know how that goes in have you possibly lost the ball there Wow Merton is Martin's with that interception kickoff this glitch definitely exists oh yeah does anyone think that it doesn't kick off boost they've literally patched it good place to win the ball here sorry Ramos what are you doing you've just cost me the game GG the gameplay is always the worst on a Saturday but come on why is he lunch there he was about 5 yards away from the ball oh my god [Applause] just read the intentions of the opposition there to make the interception chance to get out the opposition oh well that was good tears ition had low-driven that I know that crap on this game but she means just what is wrong with this game why would he go for that for Christ's sake this game is terrible at times I'm telling you I can't why I like the part where the two minutes had already been played as well yeah eat he didn't he didn't blow the whistle he let him have another corner past the 107th minute that's good game hurts me inside hurts me I mean you never know we could get two goals but I highly doubt it I only danced it see now this one my first loss Fair Play the guy beat me like three nil well maybe I got one back maybe there's like three one that was deserved this he's probably just gonna play like this because he can how did I not get the border so much get to go there's no chance there's absolutely no way they are on the set piece the corner much my keeper run backwards there why is he not coming at the ball Wow now that's desperate and then he's thrown goal yeah good game GG that's the issue with the four to four you don't have that guy and then he's just fouled him without me pressing B I think that sums up how this game has gone for us and our look that we've had what can I do marry me for one yeah for even that I can't get the ball then how you play four five one I don't why is he just lunge like that playing rock oh my goodness ref blow the whistle end it please wow what a deserved loss how why does he not pass it to Pogba or even the guy that's on the wing I mean this right here is why I hate gold kicks the fact that this is even possible card I hate it but then just Jesus Christ should have left online Cup game modes yeah I agree I agree right 16 see how the team look with Ronaldo again Ronaldo would be wearing ballet is Kinsella would be in here and I'm back I would replace riad up there that's what it would be right oh why does the chat do that where was I where the hell was I ah what to say about rage to the final Suarez is he good yeah he's good he's not great there's a difference a big difference on this game has a lot of Reiner hazard okay why do we get to see here why is it that you search game it's normal carbon all that comes up is in form no idea maybe you've got it on gold and maybe it's a silver normally I have no clue can you have a fast five star skillet or at least have one there is one secure you on celebate don't know the name of it what happened is that what is it don't prefer last word last year's way of getting to foot champs tournament or now where you get points I don't mind either I really don't mind either I think they're both good Simon I know I know it wasn't good was it how's my day it's going okay thank you let's go in okay oops even the pen was lucky doesn't matter doesn't matter does it do i watch any other fee for youtubers yeah like Andy Oakley etc those kind of guys the thing you should make a team of the year SBC we train and scored with an icon and inform stuff to get a team of the Year card no I've finished the journey haven't started it gotta try 86 la la not sure I do brick you're Peter be a gradient rate and refresh hopefully hopefully chef Ben yet her a striker and I'm back a lambing game that's what we did last weekend this is working better don't you feel today gameplay has been very Cindy League type thoughts Saturday evening such night is always the worst for gameplay it was last week easily it was abysmal absolutely abysmal and it's the same this week it just sucks really this is a road to glory yeah like a spin where he puts one foot over the ball then spin strike the ball forward you're thinking about the Wacka Wacka this is what you do right you do that and then that that's it that that or that with a five star skill oh they have to be stood still okay right let's go go for a leap through this week yep any form of elite Umar you've got to do it based on the direction you're facing if you're facing left then you've got to press the stick up if you're facing up then you click the flip the stick for them right for custom taxes wife you left everything in default you probably wouldn't notice a difference you say Ben yet it doesn't play well on that in game at all I disagree I think he's played well there Jones I have no idea to mess with you if name are a number you got two of the best players in the game all right okay what we on 275 likes oh Sh 25 away from the big three hundo then if you haven't already want to support the stream hit the old thumbs up also shout out to Pierre – a name I can't pronounce sorry – Danny – Ed's – Benjo – L Kim – Oliver – JM and Mikkel hopefully you all enjoy the daily streams thank you very much for subscribing hopefully anyone else that's new will potentially think hey I like this string there's gameplay there's interaction with the chat this guy does it every single week or every single day why would I not subscribe but surely what's running through all of your heads right the new people I imagine it is so hey go with your head have I got at leat every time a name are on the sky D yep dynamite get rid unless you fits in your team and you want to use them I play them back it strike here pointing from Cynthia central K I'm having your best run yet yeah son is sick very very very good player start the game we're trying we're trying let me quickly do this well we'll run out of being your team again he'll be at right made embargoes at front Scots yes potentially you say oh my god just play no don't like court right yesterday I think I can reach 50k subs in 2019 that is our target we are aiming to get 50k by the end of FIFA 19 so if your compass towards it then you can do I say we beat Newport tomorrow yeah I know you looked at live streams thank you very much yo ant I appreciate the kind words one question who D think fits the best the game best to see the m-19 Makelele 85 blanc I've looked at both of those recently and I don't know who I would pick between those two amputee I really don't know you're gonna blow up one mill by June mmm that's optimistic very optimistic do I care and where players prices drop nope if I'm using them then nope Darrel I can't field sure it was fine I was disappointed it you'll never walk alone there if some gets Player of the Month you doing it I think a mass majority of people are going to do that so would you think any good player is more likely to win more games by playing the majority or all of them at all ah not sure what you mean don't think I'll pack a team of the year but I won't be opening packs so no unless I get one of my rewards right to the final Suarez I'm trading 1.6 milk well your want to watch we are 86 fully pants and upgrade if it gets a winter grade all you have to buy the agreed one if you want it if that card gets upgraded then yours will get upgraded but it depends how much of a upgrade his base card gets right we're against another icon guys best time to play we can make for optimal gameplay anything other than Sunday anything other than Saturday night Saturday night and I like the way you move I do change formation to four to three plan have you just got away with that twice today Thibaut Courtois starts and go raphaël Varane starts with Sergio Ramos as the center backs and at the point of attack just one lone striker this is the lineup that's in gold Antonio Valencia starts with Marcus Alonso as the full-backs masala plays up with with some vendetta why would you run up side you idiot oh my god Neymar can't control a football I played that correct as well knew other than Cristiano Ronaldo Neymar is the best gold card in the game a lot of defenders between them and the goal but they still got the ball I wanted that to go to Daddy redone daddy daddy daddy it's a terrific moment for the team and that has opened the scoring one nil here where is that going to Pogba oh all right why is the game so bad on a Saturday why can't I play every device that was being outrageous please why my flavors off the page contact good yeah okay game we get it it's Saturday Sanchez Robinho Obama yeah come on I'm so bored of it stop it you didn't do the schedule oh god I hate this right now I just never ever play on the Saturday night ever again I don't think it's ever gone well for me Oh Michael I have done a corner to come by that deflection I swung in what is happening why couldn't no one was moving pain hurts me what is happening come on christ almighty do not get top 100 this weekend I'm never getting top 100 not getting 29 wins in a weekend 30 Matt I'm not that good you got an icon yeah I should fucking at prime call it for like 500k right I do that Stan I'm at do that on reason gonna cut back that's a shot saw that one coming decent playing selling plastic so long guy see ya card right [Applause] the free cake as accurate it's fine Daniel thank you very much usually both salad just scored against you don't be a used to score against me every single game didn't mean it was good is it a broken wire I can see that to fall back yes does that mean that they're the greatest strikers in the world [Applause] with modest they buy from outside isn't it hey the shop just pings off of my choir my pack look good this year no corner no we're even born when that song you're singing was released no idea couldn't tell you anything about it really it's just great they have as SBC's pair is way better than Bria yeah definitely it's 4 star 5 stuff doesn't he Paris oh no I think some of the same player in is better than other car to the exact same player no no II don't will I be on tomorrow oh you were talking to me yes i stream everyday unless there's something like super super important that I have to do or whatever then yeah i stream pretty much every single day so if you're brand new around here subscribe to the channel just like omar re kaiser and marco just did as well welcome everybody i hope you enjoy the daily streams if you have any questions about them let me know what they are I will do my very very best to give you the answers that you're looking for BAM what happened looking for huh ref he blocked me off it's fine it's not any yellow think that's four aimed don't do the second drag back will you I'll take a foul what yeah he got the ball definitely got the ball there right the ball is that guy called riyad mahrez I think and then I can see I love this game don't you yeah and that came because it's for beanie oh just smash my Riyadh out the way you just counter Texan Easter on goal because of course he is it's my opponent why wouldn't the three will just put him straight through on goal Conte one the bullet his own penalty area couldn't deal with it now I just can't tell the keeper was pleased with that and why wouldn't he be play the ball when I press it this is stupid what is going on Selenia get lost pogba tackles me and it goes straight back to his keeper this is Dom I'm gonna talk about the guy he's not controlling course I am this is painful game play again in future maybe I just avoid foot jumps on a Saturday my guy oh why did that go so far in front of him oh man this is a struggle then why would I not John oh thank you for subscribing welcome to the channel my friend hopefully you enjoy the team streams what I only hit 90 95 so you were born yeah he was chasing really from the very first whistle and chasing without success boom Conte they mark I'll control a ball again what are we doing wrong here touch so crap [Applause] that's a pen [Applause] a referee a decision here Alan whether to book him or not listen or not yeah you get some rest lash the yellow cards after one foul early on in the match been a bit more lenient it's perfect I mean I change to the middle right the last second but the game decided to still put it left but hey our initial aim was perfect so it's fine Christ [Applause] you've got to get that gotta get that gotta get that no way he wasn't controlling that guy water lucky why did I lie just run the complete wrong direction their Sunday Bala too expensive live at KU Sawa they spread it out wide here chance to get some width into this attack no get back cuz how are you clown come on yeah there was no way that was getting all the way through there that would have been ridiculous no Fubini oh he's through why wouldn't he be I oh my god I've won it back yet didn't win it back what's happening straight today please oh oh look a well-coached team here drilled in winning the ball back in midfield as a group no I aim that at the edge of the box I swear I did oh my goodness my team is probably with I think as someone said it was 2.9 I have no idea what it's worth now obviously with players coming down Lee I'm happy birthday Matt hopefully have a good one Philip thank you very much for subscribing as well welcome to the channel to anybody that's new hopefully you've had a great day and hopefully you enjoy the daily streams just trying to freshen the team up she's coming in good defensive clearance there in ballet Oh time to get the crust get into the skill debris no if it is a happy birthday to yourself as well geez everyone's loving it today right let me quickly reply to this dick tattooed it did it do I recommend 4031 yes I love it contact [Applause] very good game three two pleat it down to the post button if so water down safe because I think I got that green owl good shot doesn't matter look if he got that green damn it I hate drag back so much I hate him as well [Applause] I hate the positioning players really do and then look there's no one on the left at the moment just giving them possession well the commentators talked about this school that they'd be like what a save I have absolutely no idea some would say that's cheaper than they're broken and it would be right if they said that absolutely they're stupid wrong things together one okay that's a foul good place to win the proportion Gani trading tips not really that's team of the year work team the year is basically chosen by people I freaked uncle Rio Ferdinand got a vote let's say for example Castro got a vote and they choose who should be in the team of the year 55 nominees and then those eleven players that get the majority of the votes EA have 40% of a vote and the rest is the community the eleven to get the most votes get team of the Year cards that have massive stat boosts massive massive massive so for example I even Messi Ronaldo will go to that 99 Izawa it's a great ball that not where I wanted that to go now don't even risk it knowing just this game today and even in this match and here it is with Raul guarding it through now can he take them off brilliant boy let's company mine past one but not past to look to control anything but what a mess yeah he looks so composed to then to do that teammates won't leave forget that in this extra time secondary I think you're trying to win it here that's why it's such a captivating contest think he'd love to shoot but he can't from this angle when I get a good ball into the box making sure [Applause] finish that was this is what we love about football a goal fest we're getting it in this game in abundance with the intentions of the opposition there to make the interception by the time some potential in this move the it well he's got support here and they get it away can't say with a head too good right Raul clutches up I'm still annoyed that first goal I can see that to be honest with you Raul got man our match is that goal well I still can't believe I let him just run run run run run for this low morale scoring the winner and we can League it's over get a rage message scum hey this scummy yeah using the using that loan icon is oh it is scum people have done it against me so many times I'm doing it I'm doing it just like why I want to get Ronaldo yeah it's not fair it shouldn't be should not be a thing but as it is right now we're gonna use it right let's catch up Ricardo Pereira's Bangor vs. City I have your salty as a sea fan Ricky P you're annoyed at the fact that loans one year the game so am i it's dumb it's so stupid but I'm gonna take it at the same time names under brightness FIFA good but not great got bought a new TV so it's been a sick day solid to me it starts on Monday how does it go around here newbie James basically we stream FIFA pretty much every single day if I can't stream then I will try to upload but we pretty much stream every day we chill out we play a lot of games we're at its foot champs live rivals foot draft whatever and we interact with the chat as much as possible I want you to feel like you're a part of my community in my channel right so those are the two main staples that we stand by okay chill out playing fifa and talking to you guys that sounds like good good viewing to you every day it's up to you you can subscribe I'm not gonna force you to but if you want to see it's there it is there what is the controller the controller is my controller inputs at the bottom to try and help people know how I like time finesse and everything like that skill moves etc what's up controller I'll use normal one day one oh you can't see it cuz the cable ain't long enough nevermind sorry mertens is good why is everyone hyped about it Cory because it could mean we get nominee s pcs for the guys that don't actually get in the team of the year vocally likes 2k I assume dislikes cuz he had Kane and gracefully over Messi I'm sorry I don't care who you support right if you do not have Messi and Ronaldo in your team of the year you don't watch football they're the best two of this generation by a mile and every single year they are unreal the fact that you can have Harry Kane over like Messi is outrageous absolutely outrageous if Harry Kane had fired us to a World Cup win okay then I could potentially say you've got a decent reason they smashed it in the league they came second right last year I don't know man you didn't know they came third can't remember doing okay in the Champions League or whatever anyone at emia I woke up bit Jesus that's quite embarrassing what camera saying is tell you broadcast tactics of these médoc that's why you shouldn't spend on it really garlic garlic garlic Gigi don't well so far best ever start now I've been 17 into before do I think he's worth 450k away Congrats on the win absolutely deserved it of course of course they'd been and yes I think he is Griezmann can't isn't fit to lace his boots I've done it with two games left after doing well bad well again etc all weekend all right okay good luck in the last games thank you very much Ben yada is good tips on 500k team mertens Neymar never Nedved no sorry Neymar Neymar Neymar Neymar it's not some rallies done okay off the bench right Ronaldo a couple of people have asked where Ronaldo is gonna fit right so he and um buffet would have to be on seven chem without me having any icons all right there's a lot you have any good yep record is always at the top of the screen David yes is dumb you're bad but getting better keep trying to get better how am i today I'm great thank you how are you doing because that was great for the person that asked because I was great this is how it play right you'd meet him down to a sentiment beyond 7:00 a.m. and back they would be on 7:00 a.m. as well everyone else on 10 this is how we would start it and back pay would then move to one of the cams the Ben yellow would be the other one naima would be the middle one and obviously we're now it would be up top most met an on I continue have seen well if you can't beat them join them you got to do it sunny yes but yeah I will never forget Harry came for not passing selfish you know change formation I can't get as many players on full chemistry in a different formation as I can in that one whilst keeping what I have it's not possible dominoes tomorrow Monday not what I had one in months I might get a pizza next week as well I feel like a I owe myself on I deserve it and the student loans gonna drop so I can at least get myself one right didn't plan to buy a 350 a price range Gbagbo how's my day my day's been great thank you hopefully everyone's had a great weekend then I hope that it gets even better whether that is maybe your team are gonna play tomorrow in the cup maybe you're gonna smash the weekend link compete for an elbow by Ronaldo exactly exactly REE adds on 7 cam so in this team there's only one player that's not on ten can walk alright 86 Lola I haven't used Walker so I honestly I can't say I would imagine that la la would be bad a bit today I might uni I live at home but I go to uni for another gets to New Year with his ones to watch upgrading it Syria good League yes Mohammed thank you for subscribing welcome to the channel soon loads gonna drop get yourselves a casino double up master thief point opening for Team of the Year definitely that's what's gonna happen but leave some games before starting cuz I want to play at home a while and play and home how many years have I been streaming since like 2012-2013 Sevilla it's at a Pikachu wearing a sombrero his name is el pika he's an absolute legend some girl from uni was asking him about the weirdest thing I owned and I said well he's not weird but he's an absolute legend she was impressed of course who is not impressed with al peek look at him up there monster but chance rewards come out Thursday Thursday 8:00 a.m. Messi is abused by people find it disgusting and done nothing wrong except he's been the best ever dominate sauce that's yet it's still fifth in the world it's stupid I think the issue with Messi is that people compare Messi with Messi rather than comparing Messi with actually other footballs yeah goodness sake do I have a girlfriend I do not know I am single how'd you really play home games by backing out over a white ones since my last game today potentially I've been poached a team of the year no no no no no no best way to get a good team money etc well money is the first and easiest way but play the game a lot Shaun exactly a babe magnet it really is they just they love it they can't get enough if anyone needs a picture of it so put just your picture for tinder I can supply that for you LP code should be the town mascot yes yes I'm after any team of the years they'll be too expensive how old am I 24 why'd you keep backing out to play at home so I don't play against the pro by an influential wall and Ricardo on Tuesday boom don't live on my own nope still live at home with the old parents I don't know when exactly I'll move out potentially after I finished this year of uni uni I spent any money on this game this is a road to glory play until elite I mean that might not even happen okay when she just said die Bala before it sinks probably already has take him with you next time you go out I might be on a first date as well yeah well my study at uni masters in architecture has taken a long time best record Syria other Ronaldo Marte ins you have a girlfriend right that's the answer to the previous question stated no I don't which you need EMU girag I'll take us up I'll take sir without this it's the exact opposite what's your future job architect what no no no my excellently where am i from Lester Lester Lester Lester Lester Lester I mean it depends how much of an upgrade it gets you play at homes I mean you play someone back no you could come up against a pro when you're playing at home but it's way less likely because they all play their games well they're enough all of those ah play their games at home Sam I'm doing good how are you oh my god Oakley thank you very much for subscribing welcome to the channel hopefully you enjoy the daily streams damn you uni good French and earring yep Art's designer humanities other specialities football I love growing up Ronaldinho Ron Dino made me love football and it's as simple as that you tell if you're home because you load in first Hamza hey how you doing then I have to downwards header it used to be double tap I have no idea what it is now good strike it's a link to metal ins and merchants in New England Ronaldo Nathan it's pretty annoying in it good look at uni cheese now I need to K for your whole midfield and defense any suggestions my trio and then whatever else you can afford and we're gonna try my foot chips for bean yokas and rough like a weaker so this passing on a special was not as normal that was his upgraded one from mine but maybe I don't know to bias hey how you doing how are you doing well PACs are out I have no idea absolutely no idea bail or been yet oh I don't know just play away stop being scared now I'd rather take my time rather than coming up against like gorillas and wasting a loss just pointless what's the time for me right now it is 20 to 33 I need to go enough some food god I'm starving Lee no that is that's normal how long the two you play depends how long it takes for me to actually get a game at home doesn't it my cellar Aleksandr Sandra B I'm doing well today I know very well to be honest with you very well and you guys have made it even better by supporting the stream so well I appreciate all of you ah what rank do I usually get I've got elite the last three weeks and that's hopefully what we're going to consistently finish now if you play against Korea you might learn a few new things no I wouldn't I would get stomped and I wouldn't learn anything I'd lose like 7 nil by trio you mean no no I mean the defensive tree and goalkeeper you deserve way more subs well thank you very much if you think of food you'll lose your next game wow we can't do that then we can't do that but yeah we've got nearly 350 likes today which is absolutely unreal so thank you very very much for all of the thumbs up and everybody that's subscribed as well we are so close to forty seven and a half K subs if you're brand new we're about 25 people away if you want to help us out and self that would be incredible oh my god Elite only because you're afraid to play away games nope cuz there I did that before I got elite long nice rank I've ever got top 100 FIFA 17 this is probably the longest it's ever taken me to actually get into a game there how long ago was the last game hi wow wow yeah 26 and 4 is my best record this year 350 likes there it is bang thank you very much for all the support again massively massively appreciate every single one of you legends after all this time we then come up against two icons anyway Oh holding midfield an attack oh god I don't know that's a lot more difficult a lot more difficult miles unfortunately it's not gonna happen sorry right game arm will probably lose anyway of course I didn't go to rail would I have never single I would probably have my master hair and Van Dyck so even if I lose this which is very possible and you're coming up against icon will have after 20 games a record of 17 and 3 that's pretty good puts us in a decent position to then go 6 and 4 together League well you had beggar bitching all I did not see that maybe he's gonna sell him out or maybe he's just got in because he is absolutely huge wait Rory Costa was one of his things who the hell was this other one was it another SBC where is it other one probably for me that's a wonderful tackle so today he makes his head very safe Lena was nice we see Millie savage wasn't a species really possible in this we see the Lord we're at Ferdinand that was an SPCC come on game that's stupid how can you pass that out of play la la that one was not in a specie so it's just what a first owner untrainable team potentially would be my guess maybe why he's got big a bitch it would make sense and it was only normal Van Dyke right the wise if you could afford some of these you definitely like the higher or someone like that right music know what the skill move danyetta what are you doing you idiot Vendetta plenty of width for the team to an attack in 200 so close to the interception you say you hate this game oh dear make a bitch better than farming I've hardly played against farming this year so I couldn't tell you thing is farming is still huge right he's like six six so it imagine that he's not bad I love when Papa gets be in the air by Bobby for me still can't believe I didn't think you'd be behind this man on its lifecycle this guy live when will be winter race and refresh last year is February but obviously every goalkeepers gonna make mistakes I'm just saying farming's not gonna be that bad if he's got half decent stats Annie six foot six now have you how have you let him get there Ramos that's so stupid there's absolutely no way that should have got through not having it not having it mm but okay that's fine – fine Vendetta Izawa just [Applause] so next time we faked him out and we do go far post we go for the finesse and it for stretches – I need to us in my life I don't have to restart week for player in my life why did that not go Marni I played for night but not for months now since blackout came actually I played it for about five minutes on the old switch but then I realized I can't download I couldn't download YouTube but on it whilst I was playing that so I stopped I had a weird urge to play it the other day on Xbox [Applause] that's the closest I've come to properly playing it and since what October it's not been high on my high on my list of games to play I mean right now I've got spyro let's go Pikachu cod FIFA once it feels so slow players failing to control the ball oh my that's so damn close to go good marking guys just leave me free well done well played shocked it was right on the brink of half-time no one saw that one coming and then danyetta just didn't take the touch backwards socially okay f-cell wouldn't be surprised put yourself baby fell over 2.6 million he's incredible I've got right now doh do you make money from YouTube yep tempis killer the three star week four oh so that means he's gonna score every single shot yes on his left foot yeah oh wait no don't play games on my PC not really I did try fortnight on it for a while but it would have just taken so much time for me to get good on another platform but I couldn't be bothered in the end burro came in said what you washes said the best fifa streamer in the world the kind words are coming out tonight in force thank you thank you thank you how have you got the ball there Dembele yeah the Hulk as he's also known when the server's bad it's Saturday of course the server's aren't great he stopped controlling that guy because he didn't think they was going to tackle me then the AI attack it's not frustrating though perfectly fine bright how about no stop spamming please how's he got away with trying to be a scumbag they're so lucky what are you doing Oh from this position this game today is no no clearly not haiii no way that's going up 100 and out on 17 and – I've already got too many losses to get top 100 and I'm about to get another one sorry to burst that little bubble mark us along sir well he saw the guy could switch to play too and came up with the past as well excellent nicht in it but it bounced straight back to him anyway honey take so long to pass it on back they what Jesus all waiting for the big tackle and Miss Wow you not been that good yeah definitely wasn't a hog but that now every pass has been totally accurate in this game totally much easier to keep on a mouse though disagree he's saying all four star weak for the players score every shot no but I'm saying it's better than three star is that difficult to understand don't think so this would be a throw course it bounces straight back to him why does this keep happening over and over again och it bounces straight back to him oh and again wonderful this wonderful so fair that's me kissing my desk was my knee that didn't hurt at all would you surprised be surprised it bounced back to him I'm Buffy how are you so crap pass the ball accurately man named eyes doing 180 passes now haha straight back to you oh we got it on the second time for that time it has it painful Saturday never again nice [Applause] come on it's beyond a joke at this point so one of our three losses is going to be deserved in my eyes yet again it bounces straight back to him what can I do in a game like this honestly this is ridiculous yes pointless trying and here it is with Raul we had modest all right [Applause] great cross well done Riyadh what two more minutes to be played that added time [Applause] how can how take it but why [Applause] the game it might not have been associate member good this own go but it looks as though why would you want to go to a time I don't understand if you want to you want to win or you want to lose why would you take it to extra time fine we'll take it they hand you near the wind no he's not though so I don't get it I don't get it 5 p.m. my normal streaming time yeah five o'clock half for something like that you know forcing me to play another 30 minutes in this woeful gameplay great please Conte what why is that no go at the post that I just stained it out they bah [Applause] this game plays genuinely this is when I read this is what I don't like this game I do not enjoy playing what's supposed to be the most chill day of the week on FIFA is by far the worst it's not raining that pass shock now he's looking for support don't even do that well we've had more shops in extra-time everybody does that count second period of extra time here let's go you can win I can but probably not my players can't do anything guys using bag of itch yeah again doesn't really matter what keep you've gotten goal if you move them really if you move them well on life and well just you don't suck at moving your keytar as I say when you've got someone that's that tall you're moving a keeper in there that's all they're going to save it here it is trying to keep the ball anymore they could pose some danger now shot it bounced straight back too a little shop [Applause] how can you misplace that pass this is stupid honestly stupid I don't get it come on guys how are you this bad it's gonna bounce back to him yep no one saw that one coming last minute goal great and 120th minute corner produce a winning goal is possible I do not believe scripting as a thing [Applause] possibly the worst heel to heel Neymar has ever done for me great great why did it have to be that heavy here we go then good thing we send them off see straight at the goalkeeper not gonna lie I've genuine been using Raul this entire time assuming it is their right foot it's fine it's fine they don't worry about it that's what I say worst part is that I've probably watched him play so many times in real life as well that's why you took poober off yeah exactly pokers penalties lose you games ready to go I'm not sure that's what I pressed beat the goalkeeper well in this penalty shooter here's the next penalty taker of the posted in the corner a little bit too much grease comfort that's a good penalty these shootouts very testing it's time to step up right so we get the win I can't be too happy about it though because why I don't know how can tase penalty went in by the way that was stupid oops listen players jammy what do you mean it was pure skill I'd I don't get it that's one of the weirdest things I've had in foot champs you can't believe that Pouncy went oh yeah that's a good one CNR fly I'm so confused like maybe play doorless games but then why would he go to extra time why would he know just gift a win what happened the guy had the win and then gave me a oh you're right fair enough what a legend so yeah if you didn't see basically eat one and then scored an own goal in the 90th minute to take it to extra time and then I won on penalties fair enough what a hero bump bump powder down BAM and have a down bow down bow that's ridiculous GG this guy there are some good guys that play fifa there's a couple not many but there's a few cami rules 2002 cami definitely does rule definitely does rule 1000% I can't say that shit oh how did it go in how the hell did it go in so we now finish our first 20 games at 18 and tube Jesus wish all players were like that yeah I know that's what you usually do you just don't go to extra time what I've done the same in his situation no I probably would have just gifted a win I mean fair play though fear is enjoying it to display to tee up the Laster what a God well God God kami we love him absolutely love him what a hero ah sir 18 wins two losses as it stands oh not bad ckm briefs as well thank you very much for subscribing shout out to you people we're are about 10 people away from forty seven and a half K subs look look how close we are ten away if there's ten of you right here right now right here right now that are brand new that potentially want two bumpers to our next target that would be sick then we would be two and a half thousand people away from the 50k dream Deary me Deary Deary me look you get into some real how dare you how dare you and thank you for the 385 likes as well today that is crazy massively appreciate that as well what's that 15 away from 400 likes wow thank you very very much everybody subscribe spike yeah we love those but man so our best record so far has been twenty six and four I don't really care about beating now obviously I'd like to get a leap one however Elite 3 that's all I care about as long as they get my three picks basically then I'm happy with that so I've got to go five and five five and five dane matthew dan shoe and anyone else that has hit subscribe as well shout out to you you're all legends we're going to be streaming again tomorrow if you enjoy this style of stream we'll probably be going at like eight o'clock or something whenever all the FA Cup games are done basically so 7 or 8 p.m. something like that we will be streaming our last few games oliver becomes a member as well welcome to the member club oliver thank you very very much for the support what a legend enjoy all of the incredible emotes my guy hashtag up the leicester exactly we're probably gonna lose ignore that day i'm not going to let the game know but I will be watching it so that is going to be that for today what a game to end it on that was that was ridiculous thank you to every single person that watched today's stream thank you everybody that is hit the thumbs up 400 likes is insane and anyone that has subbed as well kids are then Jordan welcome to the channel guys we're like two people away from 47 and a half K subs madness I don't know if any of you guys are new and they're gonna join us at the end of the stream but that's fine enjoy the rest of your night hopefully you have a sick one thank you very much for being a part of today's stream if you want to support me in one last way you can watch the ads that may roll or refresh the stream see if you get any whilst the credits are rolling but other than that thank you very much for being a part of today's stream appreciate every single one of you stay blessed everybody goodnight and good bye you


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