First Drive: 2019 Toyota Tundra TRD Sport 5.7L V-8 4×4 CrewMax

26 thoughts on “First Drive: 2019 Toyota Tundra TRD Sport 5.7L V-8 4×4 CrewMax

  • Reliable but gas mileage is shit, that's why I didn't buy one. What was Toyota's answer? Bigger gas tank. Lol, c'mon. They'd sell so many of these if they worked out that little gas issue. I drive cross country, need better mileage in a full size.

  • Well if he is really judging the truck, there’s one thing you cannot judge, that’s the engine. You can never go wrong with Toyota reliability and durability. Can you guarantee that on a RAM?

  • After owning a Ford (never again) and literally just too scared to even touch anything from GM or Ram, I get the Toyota quality and reliability difference.I just wish it was out-dated, newer, with new tech, new drive-train and a new post-2014 interior.

  • Not sure why this guy is reviewing trucks. If you want a "gorgeous display" then go review luxury cars.

  • The front almost looks like those Dodge Ram trucks. In fact, they're ALL starting to look the same. Not sure if that's a good thing or not. For looks, I'd have to say Ford and Chevy looks the best. For value, I'd have to research it…

  • Listen here, the tundra is a nice truck, I might be a kid and I’m s GM kid but this is seriously my dream truck because it’s nice, simple and it works! Who cares if the tailgate is “Plain” it’s a Tailgate it’s for Hauling a load not to look nice.

  • I was always a chevy truck man..  I ve had maybe 15 chevy full size trucks,  my 2013 developed an exhaust leak..  so I took it to the muffler man in my town..  he said there is a crack in the converter..  its under warrenty…but I cant touch it..  I  took it to chevy dealer..  and they did something  and it was quieter..  then 6 months later it was leaking again…took it back to chevy dealer  and he says there is a crack in cat converter  but you are out of warenty…  truck had 80k miles  they ended up charging me 500$  and told me I got a deal…so in 2017 I bought a new tundra  they lost a good customer  and im happy with the 5.7 v 8

  • I wonder why he left out the part about the ram and Silverado being shit compared to the Toyota. My buddy has a ram with a sway bar disconnect feature. Oh yea you really need one of those, its probably broken already.

  • You dont seem like truck guy… you seem more like a Convertable Mercedes kinda guy. Its a real Truck, its supposed to be blocky and bruty.

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