Final Stage, 18.10.2015 (6 p.m.– 9.10 p.m.), 17th Chopin Piano Competition

Final Stage, 18.10.2015 (6 p.m.– 9.10 p.m.), 17th Chopin Piano Competition

hello and welcome to the behind the scenes feature we'll begin with a royal visit Queen Matilda of Belgium in a company of Poland's first lady agatha kornhauser Duda visited – open museum in the vaulted chamber concert hall level – one the Royal guest listened to a recital by Marek braja on a historic piano not surprisingly braja played Chopin's music at the worst of Philharmonic a huge crowd waited for the results of the third round the candidates are under huge pressure at this stage but so are the members of the jury at the Chopin Competition in Warsaw transparency is one of the core values all the voting takes place behind closed door but once the competition is over all the points given by individual members of the jury to each pianist at each stage will be made public imagine what kind of responsibility it is and what kind of pressure on the jury everyone waited patiently and finally everyone was happy to see that a decision has been made it's true that I can little by little understand music by Japan because I can see the many things which I didn't see when I was like five years ago but these days I only play Japan I can see many things in the score and I can listen it many things so the shopping competition helps the participant understand more about music by Chopin when I play I automatically exclude all my other senses I naturally close my eyes when I don't play that because attitude so I would say that my way of thinking while playing is focusing or not focusing or thinking so focusing on not thinking at all just playing everything I worked very hard on so the mindset is very difficult when I practice very different when I practice and when I play on stage in that sense my my aim is always to be so prepared that I don't have to think where I play pianist today are to go to LA to Education Act a jakob sonata no concerted a pianist on a new day a parrot santos aquino morte subarashii en sugah te quiero sustain under tanto chiba nagato yuki ITA oki-doki pianist to debut in July Colette on WHMIS you shouldn't really depend on competitions to work on these things they help a lot of course but even if you're in a competition you have to just enjoy the music while you're playing even in a competition and there these judges stood staring down at you but you know what there what they're looking for is just musicianship and just how you feel in the moment just in the moment not even like like your whole year or something and and it might change per stage performance and things but you just have to be in the zone and in the moment and I think competitions are good and making us be in the zone or making us learn to be in the zone while other people are still critiquing you dobry virtualized rossport anamensis ocaña final version a stego means inaudible go conquer suka nice – tango Amenia fredericka Shabana sir – neva Tom's gramado Nova business chat exertion of nursery good evening ladies and gentlemen we would like to begin the final stage auditions of the 17 international Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition welcome to the audience and it is a great honor to welcome and introduce the members of the jury welcome mr. Dmitri Alexia miss Martha Eric mr. dunk Tyson miss Akiko Abbi mr. Philip on come on mr. Nedim gotta know mr. Adam Mahara Chevys mr. Andreas is key mr. Garrick Ohlsson mr. Yano Cellini Chuck mr. cutter partner miss hell up of Watzke the chairwoman of the jury Miss Catherine Apapa positronic mr. John the ring mr. Boyd checksheet our miss Dina yatha and mr. und pianist Tom watches Shizuka InterVarsity Benjy Orchestra Philharmonia Nardo a graviton obsess maestro yes caucus Rika the pianist The Pianist will be accompanied by worse of the demonic orchestra conducted by maestro Jessica Kasich plz muchas me can't assess some chinchou score a building of a new marriage and now for the Gianni Marquis Steinway the kana concept for the canova ml opus hedonist the first participant of today's session is some ginger from South Korea number 10 he will be playing the Steinway performing Piano Concerto in E minor August 11 allegro maestoso omens nagato Rondo vivace song ginger from South Korea were so Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by maestro yet a classic Oh you you you you you Oh you Oh you you you you you you you you kisses : and raghunatha sawest Alyosha or anita horvath see new marriages konista every instrument marquis yamaja naturally the canal concert for the kunafa mr lucas didn't ask the next participant is a yokai aura each from Croatia number 20 you'll be playing the yamaha performing Hannah concerto in E minor Goku's eleven allegro maestoso Ramones target tongue Rondo about Hovis template okay mr. nas don't be sad about Jacqueline that performance will be followed by an intermission Anusha during each from Croatia course of harmonic orchestra conducted by maestro yes a classic you you you you you Oh you Oh the you you you you you you you you you you you you you you ladies and gentlemen my name is Camila Stanton coterra and I have a big honor to welcome in our competition studio mystery auntie hello fifteen years ago you left also as the winner of the competition and now you'll come back as a juror of this competition is this task hard for you how do you feel in this function I was a great memory for me 15 years ago I win from here worship of competition and after 15 years later so now back again as a jewelry to laser many young generation with young people planes is a great honor of course and also bring me a lot of memory here and do you find it complicated to be a juror well it's very exciting to hear many different performance especially the Chopin's music which is my most favorite composer and music and we have done here many many different pianist playing and a lot of interesting and I think a lot of every jury has been very happy of course it's a long day every day big program and lantern to lessen the repeat because many is the same music but still we are very excited because many great performance Chinese participants are very well prepared from the beginning till now we can see many talents from China how is music education organized in China well I think last 15 years since 2000 which from where I win the soup and comedian and until now it's a big develop a thing as you know also even in Asia or in China or Korea or Japan there I think already had a long history to Nolan study piano and especially in the classical music side so I think right this movement is isn't really in the big progress and a lot of young children even from their family already when they are very young the family will let the children study piano or any other instrument so it's a very great I think is education from this time this generation so they have a good opportunity to study and the family is also very supportive so it's getting more open since China I think developed a lot last 15 years so you have been a big inspiration for younger generation I can say I think that's my good responsibility so I even in the future like to you phrase more you inspire more young people and to know music and especially to know piano of course there are many it's difficult to be a professional artist but it's good for the countries to have more music to the children and in this musical education of course the classical music and shopping also are important but is there any traditional education in Chinese music for example of course the Chinese instrument a lot even from the Chinese singer seeing the traditional Chinese music and also many Chinese instrument I care who or something other some others also Chinese opera is also a big tradition in in China so of course rather than the Western music like of Cour piano volleying or any other like his orchestra so it's a mixture but right now I think is a very fast developing the cultural side and after economy have a big develop in China so now every body and especially I can feel from the even a lot of friends that they had a children there wants them to study music so it's a very good sign I think for for China and you also promote very much the culture of your country for example you recorded a CD entitled to India at piano very but coming back to shopping I can see that in your schedule of concerts after this competition there are some concerts including the shopping program it did your understanding did your interpretation changed very much during the 15 years I think is a natural necessary the lecturer develop its as a as a human so so your life is different is an experience and thought it's different I think have more contact and feeling with Chopin's music since I've went from mm and just a few years have not playing so much Chopin's music and that's why I called this year from this year is my Chopin year too because I just did the new recording as you know the Chopin Prelude yes and also preparing for the worldwide tour for all Chopin program and coming to Japan 15 recitals and include for Bala's and the 24 part we see a lot of young people playing here and there is also good change challenge for me to lessen that many different performance a different feeling so very excited and – do you have any pieces of shopping especially adult now by you of course I like like what which I play now the tuna for pollute and a barrage is also the most major rabitor from Chopin music and also of course consider I like it too prelude seem to me and not only to me very hard to interpret listen they it's very difficult because each small piece you need to put together and also you need to have a structure and you need a technique you either have a good voicing a good tone and but also very contrast so it's a very difficult piece and but it's very important for as a pianist so there are many great pianists have been played we have been here many good performance you have your memories from competition really freshly in mind I think is there anything you would like to tell our participants what can they do so I think the most most Lisa I remember is during the committee of course a lot of pressure and you probably sometimes new nervous and they're now confident but the most important see just give your heart to the music the audience and the charge wants or listen the music runs hard that's what your pen need to be my distinguished guest was master Yan D thank you very much thank you Oh enjoy this chun-hee eligible he'll do his shell bank finger there you go about what Hale she entire UV get into the zone take those super guys only out there now they shall brothers working yet until dawn told you that saying that you need to meander you got to do the singing them Incirlik your corn syrup perfect on Wendy the audience talking wada may you go up in with the will GG there you go Jen Cotter Belgium hi EJ continue the European it's also candolyn for heart in de hi Ohio you go PR you gotta see alpha in ghetto suit on yonder what your face on tengo cuidado ballin with a Yasha Don Giovanni said John you got when Cesar therapy therapy mooing now soon Incheon I was a legal transactions or something chewed up online I'll treat a demon the turn G now so it's soon in the hole with a fossa a feed on the shin bone if you don't see that Oh Jojo cigar in cylinder kanji surface on the caisson Fernandez infant on say hey taro a shanty town and a zone can jettison a condo the season T Tompa hidden chisel be offered are lie down there's a serve under you Shiva Shiva Shiva Sri Lankan hatha yoga new agenda he is within the European I died seven years concerted that had a revolution Sufism songs in the Tessa water that i shall wander in Iran's own judicially don't answer porto de chihuahua scientist daughter Ganymede electro trance efficient way to determine with aggression deliver come to maybe say surrounded open Cheevers anti-teacher new year the hunger to financial military operation shaman way comes in our translation design eager eager kuzey yeah now Tracy bobbies are three so you my girl intonations origin single hung Hotel de nada the UCD your cash loosely edema Gurgaon India see your feet honey engineer Katya he will solve on talking it when Studios on to an onion soda cans in Sochi are talking what you though dadadada you go to Tian Han Solo Chewbacca viajando a Dada so XI Xia so ego contingency and so poems which is a detention Dmitry children those who fight on television station Donna wafers on she wanna go to Angela said she yawns oh well yeah NGO she was working with American director go ntog de cheveux to you a legend suicune Iranian freedom song yadda yadda yadda social to another amiodarone idea sir Sir tinea Johan daughter boffin decision who has a job under John Sorensen make sure you put on a suit Vidya choucas orthosis attachments are she on duty and initialize our attention hi OE 1332 ah hi oh yeah Niko then you're hiding down down the hall okay well how the ecology entirely under you go hollow down don't our job easy two songs are songs or goes on the carnation to fit on your end zero what you – enter the circle mentionin surgical service or biology also I couldn't do those three times at home do you have heart down on your to God presence in CDE go Femi impede oh so Buddha a piece hola Senor yawen coyote es su casa en las aguas de todo 80 chosen target in Dada's okay so de su suit events on su edad de casa de una Wendigo since purgatory soy yo suah zone since endo his own Santa yes us retaliate a Putin wanker Putin Tom DeMarco timid reason why she wanna a soldier da da da da – official photo noir put on the new year and so surface hung pinned up with answers and indecision médica de fondo de hitori de agua agua de Beauvoir example attention teachin Enda super women agua agua I don't assume go divan quark reason Gangotri BG Sugiyama is over 1/4 versus de Nieva me oh Jesus feeding upon Judah Tania me go quoi de un cuarto de gato en son go don't wanna mention Suzie Domingo wah wah C so x na jeong pungsong Chloe song Song Ji Hyo does fit hands inside v Tampa is a phenomena boxer via pure Java stomp you represent aunt kya Pony IME Kobayashi Nomura gestational the port Agana mark is Steinway vacant a concert for Tekken of em all opposed he denounced the first participant after intermission is i'ma Kobayashi a representative of Japan number 27 she will be playing the Steinway performing Piano Concerto in E minor opus 11 allegro maestoso almonds target Dom Rondo we watch hyemi kobayashi from Japan and Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by maestro yet a classic you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you a you you Austin you just in each condition a sassiest kata Louvre the standards in atomic Nomad suggested part a tennis Cabrera instrument market Steinway macaron vicuna concert for the carnival a mall of Eden Astor the last participant of today's session is k2 you from the United States number 34 she will be playing the Steinway performing Piano Concerto in E minor opus eleven allegro maestoso Oman's larget on Rondo vivace K to you from the United States were so philarmonic orchestra conducted by maestro yet acoustic you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you Oh you you you you

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  • 36분 전후로 울컥 눈물이 나려고 하네요 올해까지 4번 성진군의 공연을 봤는데 이후로도 매일 연주 동영상을 보고 있어요 아무리 생각해도 하늘이 내린 피아니스트란 생각이 드네요 물론 연습 없이 타고난 실력만으로 저리 되었을 리 없지만요 귀요미 성진군 앞으로도 감동주는 연주 부탁해요 정말 너무나 고마워요 ..

  • Cho play rich, colorful and dynamic. I can feel enough tension through the piece. I can feel similar tension from kate. But Cho's play is more dramatic while kate play pure and innocent. Both are good but for my taste, Cho better. He is quite different.

  • 나는 일주일에 한번은 널 찾고, 듣는다. 나의 궁극의 힐링, 조성진 정말 자랑스럽다.

  • Aside from Seong-Jin Cho (he totally deserved that 1st place), Kate's performance really stood out to me, she was amazing, how have I not heard of her before?

  • 两年半前的视频,现在刚看到。韩国的周(cho)先生,从技法到旋律,从与乐队的配合到个人情感的表达都已经是超一流的!作为争夺冠军的选手登上最终竞技舞台实至名归!其他几位选手和他差了一个档次!尤其最后一位美国亚裔选手,连大爬音都失误了!这是不能原谅的!周(cho)先生的手指娴熟度,个人能力,并不输于肖邦钢琴大赛历届任何冠军得主!!大赞!!

  • Cho is exceptional….I have nothing to say but listen to the same pieces over and over again……..

  • professional means earning money from what you do. mistakes can't be justified for 'artistic' or 'emotional' reasons. babies crying out loud are more emotional than anyone but we dont call it art

  • Kate Liu was very nervous , missed a bar in movement 3. but that's not important , what's important is to deliver the Chopin in her heart , so 3rd prize is fair enough for her.

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