False starts and missed starts at the Olympics | Strangest Moments

False starts and missed starts at the Olympics | Strangest Moments

38 thoughts on “False starts and missed starts at the Olympics | Strangest Moments

  • There was this school swim race ( I was watching) and all the swimmers were already in their places and waiting for the whistle … Some gEnIuS (and I must say talented whistler) dude decided to whistle reeally loud right before the real whistle was supposed to come and the swimmers jumped into the pool.. all of them started swimming but since the crowd started shouting "FALSE STAAART" most of them stopped and realized and swam back to the edge but the one little boy who was swimming his head in water did not and everyone was just watching him …. He continued to the other side and did the turn thing and finally his teammate on the other edge of the pool had to GRAB him to stop him so he would not get tired before the REAL race but I think it was too late😂 I felt bad for him because he clearly had swam for his life and was really embarrassed

  • That must be so annoying or sad and depressing 😢😢😢😢 but for the last one it wasn’t their fault it was their coaches fault

  • I ran at the hundred meter for my high school and I did t just false start lol I tripped.
    Then I started again and won in 11.02 sec

  • I have a similar story I was supposed to be running on the junior varsity 4 by 100 relay race and nobody knew that the jv where running with the varsity so we asked when our race was and they said that we missed it even though nobody told us that they already did the race and I got really angry

  • 3:52 Does everyone understand how this is supposed to work (?) The idea is NOT that the runner is disqualified if he starts BEFORE the gunshot. Instead, the idea is that the runner is disqualified if he starts BEFORE IT IS HUMANLY POSSIBLE TO REACT TO THE GUNSHOT. Well, who decides how soon humans can react to the gunshot (?) So called "scientists" decide that. And what if they're wrong (?) After all, if the history of science demonstrates anything . . . it's that "science" is invariably proved to subsequently be wrong.

  • If supposedly the only reason Valery Borzov won was because those two hadn’t showed up then why had he still won during that race and ALSO won in 1970 in a dual of US against USSR and beat 3 other Americans and he still would have also crushed those two in a 200 meter race. So think and do your research before saying that the only reason he won was because they had missed their race because his times are actually much faster than Robinson’s and Hart’s. He got a first place in a 100 and a 200 meter races so obviously he’s pretty fast

  • The last one is horrible but I feel like the athletes should have known what time the race started too and not completely relied on their manager

  • I once had a car towed and the car I borrowed to replace it got a flat tire… on the way to a track meet. Showed up to see my Premier event in progress. Not exactly the Olympics, but still very disappointing.went through 2 vehicles and still couldn’t get there.

  • I kind of don't understand. How can you get a false start? I can't even see them go before the time, it must be super strict to even move before they started

  • I still don't know how the 2nd one and the 3rd one was a false start they moved after the gunshot they were quick than others.

  • You can’t really blame these athletes. Imagine training for YEARS, and all that training and dedication until the day of your performances, only to be nervous because everything that you’ve ever worked for and trained for, has come to this.

  • I was at the Wisconsin state swim meet and there was a false start with three boys. Two boys swam the 50 free and finished. the third jumped in relished it was a false start started climbing out than had to jump back in. Because he released that the others were swimming. All three went all out than they had to do it over again because of the false start. It was funny but I also felt sorry for them exactly because it was state.

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