Competitive Tips for Luna's Howl/Not Forgotten grinding

28 thoughts on “Competitive Tips for Luna's Howl/Not Forgotten grinding

  • Ugh I hate when noobs block my strafe zones. Or when I swap out from peeking and holding a zone and Instead of blueberry swapping he runs off in some random direction.

  • I have a tip that sounds dumb but it’s great. Don’t get mad it may sound obvious but I played a game vs shotty spamming noobs and I was getting pissed but once I calmed and payed attention to their play and I got my team who was losing 30 to 70 in control and we won.

  • This is some good and brutally honest stuff here! Better to be hurt by the truth than to be comforted by lies.

  • This really helped me get through comp and get my lunas howl. Thank you, now on my way to Not Forgotten

  • My Tips: Go Titan or spectral blade.
    Use ace of spades and Trust
    Get Luna
    Abuse Luna + Dust Rock Blues
    Try to Play in the Same Team to get a feel for it
    Use high kill supers
    Try to team up on enemies to get most efficient.

  • I agree with basically everything said in this video, cuz it's pretty much what I did myself. Biggest thing I'd recommend, aside from finding teammates as you play, is DO THE MAIN STEPS BEFORE REACHING FABLED. I grinded comp when Thorn came out and, as a result, I finished the 150 HC kills step while also getting to about 1500 Glory. Then, my friend and I duo queued into comp and played with another fireteam of 2, and somehow the synergy was just instantly there. They messaged us and we joined em, and in just a few hours we went from 1500 to 2100 Glory. It was great; I got the "Reach Fabled" step out of the way and I got The Recluse. However, I instantly regretted getting to Fabled before doing the rest of the quest, especially since I solo queued from then on. I kept getting mad when I matched against full fireteams and had no communication between my own, but I just kept taking short breaks to let myself cool off and get back into the grind. Before I knew it, I had the whole quest done and I'd started and finished the whole Luna's Howl quest in under a week.

    Now, months after the release of Forsaken, you have quite a few more options to choose from when completing the quest. Personally, I really liked using Trust with either Last Word, Thorn or Ace (I know, using 2 HCs probably isn't the best way to go if you also want to help your team win, but it could help to cover many situations so no matter what range the enemy's at it'll be a HC kill). Last Word excels in short range if you can hit your shots, Thorn gets nasty when you pick up a Remnant, and Ace has insane range that most other HCs just can't compete with. Other options include the Service Revolver if you can get a good roll, and the Crimson (I used to go off with it, not too sure how good it is now).

    I play on console, so obviously some guns are harder to control and hit follow up shots with than they'd be on PC. Last Word can be tricky since you almost always want to hip fire, and Ace and Thorn have a lot of recoil so just tapping the trigger as soon as you can isn't really a good idea. My advice is to just spend some time getting used to whatever gun you want to use and get a feel for timing the shots. Ace is absolutely disgusting when you can range people without missing. Last Word melts any close range encounter when you adjust to hip firing. You just gotta get used to what you want to use, you can't just equip a good gun and expect it to make you play well.

    Again, big thing you want to just keep trying is to find teammates with good synergy. I don't find myself to be that great of a player, but when I play with my friend and the 2 others we met at random, I instantly notice that my performance goes up. It makes you learn to call out and react correctly to situations: do you push for the kill or wait for a teammate? Do you stick the res or loop around and catch the enemy off guard? Playing not with good players, but with good teammates who make you yourself a better teammate are what makes rising up the ranks in comp so much easier, especially with the increase in Glory you get now. It may take a single game, or it may take days or weeks to find a team you play well with, but no matter how long it takes you'll know when you find them. Just be respectful, don't trash talk or taunt anyone, and be polite when asking to team up. Others will acknowledge your respectfulness and want to team with you. Hell, they might be the ones to ask you first. Just don't be an asshole.

  • I want nf, but people care to much about stats, if I don't have a 5.0 kd, and don't have 10,000 gold medals, then no "good" player wants to run comp with me

  • Try all the hand cannons in quickplay till you find one that works for you .
    I hate Ace of spades but trust works for me

  • Solo queued for Luna's, did have to play out of my mind, Bungie hates me and demonstrates it through matchmaking. Not forgotten will never happen.

  • I realize how important those words are "You're probably not as good as you think you are"
    If you get into the mindset that you're better than your teammates, you start throwing cause you don't think of them.
    And if you're not thinking of them, you're not playing off of them. Which means you're not using teamwork in a teamwork playlist.

    Pay attention to your teammates and be humble. It helped me turn a 0-5 match around when I started talking to my team and not get angry at them.

  • Thank you, thank you. This helps a lot, I always think of Crucible as a chore. But now you made me realize that I should just have fun with it, it is a game after all.

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