Coleman® Tents vs Competitor Tents

20 thoughts on “Coleman® Tents vs Competitor Tents

  • Bullshit!!!!! Check out my Coleman Instant Tent review video in my profile. I had like a gallon of water come in from regular rain. Brand new Instant Tent 8! Should be the exact material shown on the Instant 6 in this video. Worst FALSE ADVERTISING I have ever seen!!

  • Great tent>>>     Used it twice for car camping. Well made, easy and quick to set up and take down. Roomy enough for a family of 6 easily. It rained on one outing – tent held up well with no leaks. Very happy with it, a steal this price.

  • Notice the Coleman tent didn't have it's rain fly on but the competitors tent sure did in my opinion the test was rigged in favour of Coleman seeing this test stopped me from looking at Coleman tents I'm sure if the Coleman tent had it's rain fly on it there would also be damage to it's poles

  • Our Coleman tent flattened in 31mph gusts and the fiberglass poles shattered at the metal joints. We contacted Coleman and Haley K. told us that they were not responsible for the weather. We bought this tent because we were impressed with this video, who knew it was a fake! In this day and age where everyone is honest. Shame on you, Haley K. AND Coleman.

  • What a horribly deceptive video! No rainfly on the Coleman tent. Was looking to buy one, but now I may go with another brand.

  • I know people give good advice like "All tents must be sealed before using"; however, this is not the claim or advice that Coleman makes of their tents already factory treated with their Weathertec system. They say the tent comes "ready for anything" and they did not seal the tents in the rain room/rain test demonstration video. I don't know how long the Weathertec system is good for, nor how long they guarantee the system, but my tent (Coleman Evanston 12 x 12 8-person) has been gently used almost 6 years (camped in it 4 times over the 6 years), but it now leaks horribly (rain fly and tent)… it is useless in rain. I really don't know how well it ever worked, because it was never really not used in rain until this year. I plan to reseal both the rain fly and tent, including sealing seams. However, it is still disappointing to see my nice tent leak so badly, but it has been almost 6 years and this will be the first time it has failed to keep out rain.

  • Why did the wind test use the rain canopy on the competitors and not the Coleman? How would the Coleman have faired if the comparison was apples to apples with both using or not using the canopy?

  • i had a ten person coleman tent that was pop up it died this year i have had it since like 09 or 10 it was a good tent 🙂

  • we bought this Coleman instant 8 person tent and very easy setup and take down, great tent.
    the only bad thing is that it leak all over with light rain and water is dripping from top to bottom. its might help with rainfly on top.
    we had to pack up and go home. return it the next day.

  • This was probably an Ozark tent that they compared against, not much comparison. How bouts comparing with Browning Big Horn or other good name brands that are not real expensive.

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