CHINA vs. JAPAN – Highlights Women | Week 3 | Volleyball Nations League 2019

CHINA vs. JAPAN -  Highlights Women | Week 3 | Volleyball Nations League 2019

Japan in the red then on the right to be shot serving in this pool nine match straight away pretty special achievement from ranking to why now trying to do it with the u.s. women's team Tokyo next time around Japan still need a point off their own serve to compete in this first set it's not going to be that one that is a monster hit wouldn't know it another free day 1965 a piece again shiner on the serve brilliant amazing khabar teas on fire and a kid on a mega rally China with it but Japan played their part and in particular kobata again Japan and a mega rally indeed look at her on the right down and up eyes everywhere incredible read on the game and a couple of amazing pickups before finally gone for the serve for China for the first technical timeout good blocking by the Chinese team Oh wonderful that's just brilliant Square – shoulders up and totally and utterly calm the blockers they're beautiful feeds is hooting once again on the pipe from the backcourt beautiful technique from the bear clever into a position for second air serve as well some firepower on it from Zhang brilliant again from kobata all-out defense with psyche and again haha no that's so unlucky it's in front of the attacker but how about this for extreme defense good effort to beat Lindley so the new libero on court for China they've bought on to pass past well that Japan's still in the rally superb again clumsy look at that the athleticism 89.9 kilometers an hour what the fast is we've seen [Applause] running that combination blockers just didn't quite know what was happening Japan serve you a soccer good defense once again and again from China libero sets it up or another one of these special rallies that we have this level of volleyball still well that was wonderful that was great play from both teams and the Chinese substitutes demanding a monster block and they finally get it called super pickups from doing the Chinese setter and there we go China serve by China [Applause] just wide Koga asking for the touch but more in Hope than anything to go up immediately [Applause] towering heat but it's coming back brilliant from Japan again chase down it's gonna be a free ball Japan still can win this point leave why to her captain and finally put away to that one as well and they were a little unlucky in the end not to win it that's a huge hit look at that pick up from Akutagawa a decent defensive plays as well from China to keep them in it till at last shooting reaching high enough to go over the Japanese block China sir four points down Oh huge if you can hit the ball inside the 3-meter line that is just world classes arm it's been played for Japan in this match Charlie [Applause] where's captain Bonnie the Barrow another super ally are their net touch I'm afraid this looks around the athlete since you know for athletes that might be feeling they're not gonna make it in that sport offers them a chance to come and try volleyball only one of those athletes that has come through that particular program Akutagawa with the serve 19 apiece couldn't be any closer in this third set brilliant defense from the buyer China though go again oh that's a bit lucky from the Chinese players but Japan get the ball this time surely no no no over onto easy read [Applause] great touch from Lee oh it's a tional China genie just one successful attack there it is there it is indeed China continued the run that they are on in this VNL their fifth victory in a row

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