Turning Basketball Courts Into Works of Art

– [Dan] In a lot of neighborhoods, the public park is the center of the community and the basketball court is the center of that public park. Oftentimes, these courts, they’re in rough shape. There’s courts where either there’s no lines or where there’s large gaps and cracks in the court’s surface. There can be […]

The OT Show — November 7, 2019

Sadie: On tonight’s edition of the overtime Coconino football beats flag high and is headed to the playoffs plus any basketball is back what can we expect and any football has had a tough time on the road but home games for the Lumberjacks have been another story all that and more on this edition […]

Soccer Twins!

oo yaaa oo yaaa Hahahahaha…. Go go go, Jordyan JORDYN I AM SO MAD AT YOU Where’s Rowdy Parker’s in? Today’s book I’d do something who am I stuck again? Antenna gets too much strong but before we get started was a big thumbs up and subscribe to our channel time for soccer games all […]

I Learned To Juggle A Soccer Ball

[VNTA Tennis] | Kỹ Thuật Tăng Tốc Độ Đầu Vợt

Tennis Stoppball – Den Stopp richtig spielen – Tennis Technik


I’m going to shoot from here with my eyes closed. Watch and learn. Right here. Dang it! I lost again. Now where is that basketball? Let’s play with my ball. Oh okay! Easy! Hey Noah! Watch this! (Crash sound) But did I make it though? Yeah I’m going to go take a break. Man I […]

High School Principal and Students Score Big with Gift from Ellen

There is someone in my audience today who is such a big fan of the show that she put her bachelorette party on hold so she could Skype with my producers. I want to know what they were talking about. So Jasmia Fowler come on down. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CROWD CHEERING] Hi. Hi! Sit down. Jasmia, […]