Hello, everybody! My name is Markiplier, and welcome to 5 Weird Games. We're gonna be starting with a game called "Antbassador" Where you are… an Antbassador… Watch- It- Uh- Just.. Here. Okay, let's go for this one. Uh, this is a game- Ah, nevermind, I'll let it explain itself. The Antbassador.. He uhh- He seeks […]

MLB Picks Today July 16th Expert Sports Betting Predictions 7-16-19 Sports Gambling Daily

what's going on everybody we got the New York Mets coming into Minnesota to take on the twins and our free pick winner is going to be on this game hey my name's Jared you have found sports gambling daily if you're new here hit that subscribe button hit that thumbs up button let me […]

me playing fortnite for views

Let's get funky here Hey guys, it's the video that you've all been waiting for haha oh Yeah Alright, what's up, guys? It's Emma. You know – you know the drill um… How are you guys? hope you're doing really good you guys have been requesting that I do a fortnite video and Originally, I […]

10 Players Who Deserve A BIG Transfer!

Eoin Morgan Post Match Press Conference After Winning Cricket World Cup 2019 | #CWC19Final #ENGvNZ

Every League of Legends Player Felt This Hitbox… Rito Please! | LoL Daily Moments Ep 534

give him this win what wait what that did not hit you no two moments like that alone as we're gonna get the slow zoom in on the play opens with the gun blade walks away throws the shuriken and the shuriken toss if you remember the second part does go over the Emperor's you […]

Carefree Ronnie O'Sullivan – The Champion Of Champions

sixty-one one last chance for O'Sullivan one well Ronnie could add an inch or two of the cue ball to make the black unmissable he's got to go into the bunch it's miserable though he's in the red to rape middle without red he's gone close to the right middle pocket is not potable they're […]