PENICHE PERFECT 10 POINTS RIDE hit perfect storm Peniche Portugal 10 feet waves wave #1 one judge scored 10 points 9.90 final score wave #2 3 judges scored 10 points ride 9.97 final score switching surfer base wave #3 3 judges perfect score again! 9.97 final score last wave ALL judges perfect score PERFECT 10 […]

BT Sport Score 26/08/17 part 5

indirect free kick inside the penalty area to brightener Vicarage Road you know it looks like it’s the quarry with the high foot against knock up wins the ball but the referees given an indirect free kick inside Watford penalty area it didn’t look a particularly high foot when we’re looking at the replay it’s […]

The Story Behind The Portland Timbers’ Chainsaw Celebration

The log represents Oregon, I think they couldn’t have picked a better symbol. All of a sudden this guy came out of the rafters with a chainsaw. Ran out on the field and cut a piece wood. Being from a logging town I just got that connection right away. It’s a token to the history […]

Yes, I Can! | Animal Song For Children | Super Simple Songs

Little bird, little bird Can you clap? No, I can’t No, I can’t I can’t clap Little bird, little bird Can you fly? Yes, I can Yes, I can I can fly Elephant, elephant Can you fly? No, I can’t No, I can’t I can’t fly Elephant, elephant Can you stomp? Yes, I can Yes, […]

ዜናታት ስፖርት 14 ነሓሰ 2019 || 14 August 2019 Eritrean sport news

(OLD VIDEO) DNA Replication: The Cell’s Extreme Team Sport

Captioning is on. Click the CC button at bottom right to turn off. Follow us on Twitter (@amoebasisters) and Facebook! DNA. We talk about it so much—it is the ultimate director for cells and it codes for your traits. It’s a major component of what makes you, you. When you have a really important molecule […]

S. Korean civic groups oppose Tokyo Olympics over radioactivity concerns

South Korean civic groups protested against Japan’s hosting of the Olympics next year…. over concerns of radioactive waste water from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Some 30 groups gathered Tuesday in front of the former Japanese embassy in Seoul, where they argued Prime Minister Abe’s claim that the water is under control is not true. More […]

Announcing the Olympic rings ‘Spectacular’ | Washington University

We would like to unveil…WashU gets the first Olympics “Spectacular” in St. Louis. It’s exciting to be able to revive this interest in the Olympics. We have Olympians with us. People who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence. We share that commitment here at Washington University in our athletics programs and in our academic programs. […]


You have got a very nice crew with your teammates. Yes, you are right. We have a good team. There are the players of Pilsen Votep team who are running away What is it like to play soccer in the sand? I think, it is definitely hard…

CGRundertow TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

We’ve come a long way as a species. Space travel, cloning, the seedless watermelon. But there are still inventions yet to be made and questions yet to be answered. Case in point, what would it look like if Dr. Wily had to slap a bitch? Then fart on her chest? Fortunately, for pressing matters such […]