origami basketball hoop instructions

The basketball hoop is a simple traditional model and you can play office basketball with it you can use any rectangular paper – A4,letter or half a square and open the same in the other direction the short edge to the long edge diagonal fold both ways thus gives a cross turn put the corners […]

FinJuice will see you in the mountains, perhaps with #njwtl trophies!

FUKUOKA! We did it! 違う違う… 今日の勝利はデビちゃんのおかげだ DEBBIE…DEBBIE…DEBBIE… Thank you. デビーちゃんに 大きなコールを 力では鈴木みのるさんとランスの 右に出る者はいない あの2人は スーパー メチャメチャメチャ強い でも今日は俺たち フィンジュースの勝利だ 可能性があるのは3チームだけだろう G.o.D SANADA&EVIL そしてフィンジュース Tomorrow, we’re in Kumamoto. Hiroshima in a few days. 俺たちを信じてくれれば 間違いない Give it our all! Fukuoka… Take care! Thank you very much! SEE YOU… One more… Hold on! SEE YOU… IN THE MOUNTAINS! […]

6 Tips! What to do After a Soccer Game?

What to do after a soccer game, post soccer game, Free Soccer Tips, Soccer Tip, Soccer Help, Soccer Advice, How to Coach Soccer, Soccer Coaches, How to Play Soccer, Soccer Coach, Coaching Soccer What’s going on? Little dap. It’s Jared Montz former pro and founder of OnlineSoccerAcademy.com. Subscribe to our free OSA eNewsletter to get […]

BOX FORT BASKETBALL COURT NBA 2K18 📦🏀Basketball Mini Games, Trick Shots & More!

I call this the ronaldo! AYYYOOOOOO! what’s going on guys, papa jake from team empathy and we are back with a brand, new Video and today guys we are doing the five story box fort that’s, why We’re going on wait a minute of the five stories, don’t take it it’s way too dangerous We […]

Black and Can’t Play Basketball | Awkward Puppets

>>TWON: Yo. My name is Twon. I’m black. And I can’t play basketball. I remember when I first found out that even though I was very, very, black. You know, I couldn’t play basketball. It was third grade. John Shahidi, he passed me the ball and I just- It was like watching my life bounce […]

Tommaso Ciampa, Keith Lee & Dominik Dijakovic vs. The Undisputed ERA: WWE NXT, Dec. 4, 2019