3 SICK Crossover Moves! How To: Best Basketball Moves – NBA Ankle Breakers

3 SICK Crossover Moves! How To: Best Basketball Moves – NBA Ankle Breakers

SICK Crossover Moves! How To: Best Basketball Moves – NBA Ankle Breakers | Snake ready for some sick crossovers I got three crossover moves that have a little bit of a twist on your traditional type of crossover moves that I know you’re going to love alright the first cost over is called the class costs if you having that you might want to click this link right here that’s going to take you to the site cross the site crossover that move is going to be the basis kind of this with the footworks gonna be a little bit different but you might want to learn that one first to get that down for the foot movement is a little bit difficult at first for some players and basically what we’re going to do is we’re going to go with a between-the-legs start off with ok you can either come from more of an upright stance and drop down with both feet but you want to have the foot of the side that you’re about to cross over to you want that foot forward so I’m going to cross over the right i want the right foot a little bit forward the other way you could do is just by stepping forward with that right foot either way is fine kinda wanna know your space with your friend if there’s not a lot of space to work with just drop down you got moved room to move a little bit you could step forward a little more to get them moving back a little bit but you don’t want to get moving back to much because we’re going to do with this is get them kind of moving this way just a little bit but then we’re trying to get moving back this way and beat them on the side that we moved to begin with so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna come from nap between the legs and then you’re going to step with the opposite foot out but you want to do that all that one bomb so between the legs that fall go to get it down at first you might want to know come here take a drill down while you step forward and then go to really get it down to make it effective against you will be able to do a quick right you’re looking from here stepping out and then going what you want to work on with that make get that beauty is get a good pounding snap of the wrist at the end of that drivel that would be a lot more airtime on the dribble so you’ve got time to move that foot okay soon as the ball touches this hand the instant you feel good in the hand you want to step out with the left foot to the left side if you’re doing up the other way you know right hand the left you would step with them right foot onto the right side the crafty cross is gonna be a really unique variation between the legs so we talked about in the first remove the class cross how you whatever hand you’re going to cross over to you would step forward with that same foot ok so if you’re gonna cross with the right hand you’d step with the right foot to the right side and kind of forward what do the opposite with this so if the left hand has the ball I’m going to step with the left foot to the left side while going between the legs to the right now that’s gonna put up the defendants are projected predicament mentally because they’re going to see your body moving one way but the ball moving the other way and some defenders like most defenders of top of the coaches to pull your hips and your chest right if you move this way it’s probably gonna start following you this way but some defenders really like to follow the ball ok so they might kind of go in and try to go for that ball but what this does is gives you those options you kind of know they’re gonna probably do one of those two things are going to move back ok so they moved back whatever you just set back up and you could take a dump site or set back up into another move no big deal but if they go for the ball boom hit him with a behind-the-back or even a regular crossover so you come here going to cross over if they follow your body you just bring this foot through and you can beat them ok so it’s more like a setup type of a crossover so you’re going to step here they move follow your body when you step out here all you have to do is step across here and you could steal them have been protecting over the basketball that the same foot that step out step across and forward ok so those are your main options for it up again just make sure you’re reading the defender that’s a big thing if they go for the ball you’ll probably want to hit him with a color across think it will take you behind the back if they go flying this way how this step out then you just come back this way and updated if they just moved straight back and create a bunch of space for you can either take the jumps out to just step back up alright the clip cross based on the theme any idea what this might be leaving me a comment down below let me know alright so what the could cross is going to be is again another variation on between the legs with different footwork 4x gonna go two times between the place was a two triple combo for this one we’re going to do is we’re going to start with something a little it’s a little more common in the NBA now but its overall it’s not super common is a little more unorthodox and you’re going to come with a crossbody jab and what I call a stiff leg which basically the normal stuff like you would come across the body with a regular cross but with this we’re going to go between the legs okay it gives you a little more protection with that leg here so bull ok so we take that crossbody jab so right foot with the left hand of all right what’s going to step to the left side and slightly for go between the legs now normally format when I would use that for the kind of try to send the defender flying and then step back with this foot and then Connery what my options are if I have a jumps out of the trying to close the gap on me beat them left or right whatever the case may be but for this one we’re going to kind of keep our feet almost not planted but we want to keep our body in this sort of seemed sort of space so to speak and from there we’re going to boot this is our legs okay so here scissor the legs and then go with another between the legs and then go back into the attack ok so a couple things you want to keep in mind that you might need to change the timing of that second dribble based on how your defender reacts a lot of times with this move your first step looks just like this what if you step with the left hand with the left hand dribbling and the right foot to the left side that’s all you normal first step is going to look at when you’re trying to really get past defenders sealed records you have good protection so from this lot of times you’re going to get him to fly ok so you want to keep that in mind but normally you would step back with this again right so that would create more separation so since you’re kind of staying here there might not be quite as much separation but if they go why you’re going to want to you know kind of float the ball for a second from this and hang it in this hand for a second and wait for them to try to close back going on you and then go into this between the legs ok if they don’t go flying that much then you want to go right into it right away you don’t want to float it in this hand too long ok so if you more coming here here ok if they do go flying few more here here okay and the reason it’s called the clip cross because you’re trying to kinda put them with that little scissors change right clip that angle to get around as always hit that like button leave a comment down below let me know what else you guys want to see I get all my ideas from the comments and make sure you share this video with a friend you haven’t grabbed my free work i’ll click this link right here popping your email and also that you right away for free that workouts going to work on your ball handling your athleticism your range of motion and a whole bunch of other things all at once you notice an instant improvement your game make sure you click this link right here subscribe to my channel and if you like this video click this link right here that’s a video you’re probably like as well and check out this playlist thanks for watching stay tuned for more break some ankles today SICK Crossover Moves! How To: Best Basketball Moves – NBA Ankle Breakers | Snake

37 thoughts on “3 SICK Crossover Moves! How To: Best Basketball Moves – NBA Ankle Breakers

  • hey Coach, I am able to break ankles of opponents at three pointer line but the rest of the 2-3 opponents run with me when I am for my layup shot and I am not able to complete that shot around the rim..
    so can you make a video on how can I do this???

  • Hey Jesse, so I want to get handles whilst staying at home but I can't dribble in the house. How do I get handles?
    Also thanks for these videos it really helps me get oohs and aahs from the crowds

  • Hi jesse
    I was able to break ankles, score easily but during holidays i had to go to England and i cannot ball there. Then when i return to Paris i wasn't able to jump as high i used to jump before, my handles were completely gone, my shot was ugly. I want to become the player that i was before. Sorry for the english i am french. Thanks

  • I love that first crossover the most. I can see that one being very effective in competition. thanks for the great work.

  • Coach, how do i make sure my brain's not in auto pilot when i play. I always try certain combo's and moves but what would make me a deadly ball handler is being able to read and react my defenders movements, something i never do but i can tell that if i do i'd be a huge threat. Thanks!

  • I like is moves jesse did very good. hi jesse I have to ask to can you answer me on the question I have good handles but how to have good handles on basketball

  • Multicombo basketball based on set ups and counters is an amazing art that is becoming like learning to dance and
    fance at the same time. Some Jujitsu camps work alot in perfecctioning a particular setup and counters by means
    of testing ones Jujitsu IQ. See for example the Rubber Guard of ten planet jujitsu. They even write flow diagrams
    for the setups and counters for that particluar combo move strategy.

    jess if you do a camp. What I would ask from you in a one on one master session. Would be to evaluate my
    basketball IQ. .

    For example just like the rubber guard in jujitsu has moves like mission control. and finishes such as
    the Omoplata.

    Your system may start with any of the between the legs crosses: Killer cross, clash cross, crafty cross, clipcross cross and spin
    and then all the counters from those setups.

    And thats only for the betwen the legs crosses. But you have shown plenty of of other setups that can start a large flow variety
    as well. So your one on one camp could be awesome if you make me for example work on the multicombo: 3 CRAZY Basketball Moves!
    Then you`ll guard me in a way that I should take the right counter. I should try to read you defence and chose the right counter.

    If I can do those moves then progress to for example the multicombo that you shown on 3 SICK Crossover Moves! That will be like
    progression the previous stuff. Those multicombo moves required alot of handles to start with so first you most verify if my bassic
    handles are to the level to perform those multicombos.

    Hope that helps. And look forward to hear from you camp.

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