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Can cities make the Olympics worth it?

Eve: Hey Daniel! Go long! Daniel: Eve. What are you doing? Eve: We're talking about the Olympics! Daniel: Football’s not an Olympic sport. Eve: What the f*** have I been practicing my spiral for? It’s that time again: The Summer Olympics. There’s a lot of things to be excited about:The 100-meter dash, hot guys, the […]

Kevin Love – Chasing What You Love: Players' POV

we're at Oracle Arena we had lost Game one and from a true basketball junkie basketball nut growing up and having watched all the superstar tapes and being with my dad in the driveway and and just being around the team and having the feeling and seeing the Brotherhood and and the family was was […]

Ask Astronaut Greg Chamitoff: Light a Match!

hello – Donald Boyer from Ashland Ohio MacDonald says I've always wondered about fire in a zero gravity environment if you could light a match in your spaceship with the match fire typical upward as it does down here with gravity or would have just become a round ball of fire since there's no gravity […]

World Cup 2019: New Zealand break 1.3 billion Indian hearts with 18-run win in semifinal

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