Men’s Basketball Highlights at Duke 10-27-18

125 43 that 30 is answered on the other end by Andrew Meacham O’Connell to the bucket as that one turned away by add way 15 points 8 rebounds in 17 minutes no Duke players played more than 20 other than RJ Barrett with 25 finish inside from add way all the W’s afterwards just […]

Stephen Curry Crossover Move (BREAK ANKLES): Basketball Moves (HD)

Hi I’m Coach Collin Castellaw from Shot let’s learn the in and out counter. The in and out counter move starts just like the original in and out move where you are rolling your hand over the ball and stabbing in the inside direction. So it starts out the same, roll your hand over […]

PORK-O-LYMPICS (Part Timers #18)

– [breathing heavily] – Are you sure that’s how Lori would want you to clean the air hockey table? – If I said yes, would you know any different? – No, I would not. – Then yes. – Hey! What’s got two thumbs, just bought the bowling alley next door, and doesn’t want your frickin’ […]