Day 10 evening | Wheelchair Basketball highlights | Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

Playing off for 5th and 6th place in Wheelchair Basketball on Day 10 of the Men’s competition were London 2012 silver medal Australia and host nation Brazil. MATCH COMMENTARY Australia with the slight advantage at half time, but it was very tight. And it stayed that way. Both sides tried everything they could to pull […]

You need to have your best shot ready when it comes to Suzuki and Archer! #njwtl

Hey, Goto, Karl… This isn’t the YOUNG LION CUP. You guys are fighting against the best, Minoru Suzuki and Lance Archer. How dare you step to us. You guys aren’t ready for this. You two lack the skills, experience… Everything. I’m still hungry. You guys weren’t enough. Isn’t that so? You’re fat, you must know […]

Cobb and Nicholls are back on the winning wagon! #njwtl

Is he some kind of thug? Nothing more than a modern day thug… よっしゃ! いっちょ取り返した! 優勝行きの電車で一直線だ! 次の降車駅は… いやいや 今俺たちが乗ってるのは 優勝行きの新幹線だ 終点は WORLD TAG LEAGUEファイナルだ その次が東京ドームだ 俺たちの行手を邪魔する奴は 一人残らず轢いてやる! あのヤングライオンのカールは前から知ってる 今日のあいつは強烈だった あいつに スープレックスをお見舞いしてやったぜ それからゴトーさん 俺たちのNEVERタイトルマッチはすごかっただろ 俺のことも忘れないでくれ でも今はタッグリーグと タッグベルトにだけ向かって進んでく マイキー・ニコルス&ジェフ・コブ… 俺たちがチャンピオンの姿が見えるぜ!

Ozzy Man Reviews: Soap Soccer

Okie Dokie. Welcome to Ozzie Mann’s dodgy as fuck world cup content. Today’s match is between Brazil. Annnd. Ye nah, Brazil. Yep. I am fairly confident both teams are representing Brazil, The game will be refereed by a lucky bastard who knows it. Ye hehe. He knows it. And here we go, there’s a kick […]

Shorewomen Soccer – O’Connell Goal v. Ursinus

as Marcinko gets a rest for Washington as does Klink as does somebody else the corner comes in it’s still loose in front a shot here from O’Connell it’s in the back of the goal they score it’s Paige O’Connell the goal for Washington College her first career goal

Pickleball Basics for Tennis Players

If you are finding yourself trading in one of these for one of these, I’ve got a few tips to help you make the transition it’s just a little bit easier. Stay Tuned. Hey everybody it’s CJ Johnson I’m sure that you’ve heard by now pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the […]

The Ultimate Tennis Bracelet Buying Guide

Hey there, it’s Ira and Mike, the Diamond Pros. Today we’ll be talking about a great piece of jewelry if you’re considering buying your loved one a meaningful significant gift – the tennis bracelet. People often wonder why in the world diamond bracelets are called “tennis bracelets” of all things. The answer is that in […]